Lord of the Flies Q&A

What was the beast?

-It changes form throughout the book, at first it’s an imaginary beast that roams the island, then it’s the parachute man, then it becomes the Lord of the Flies who says the beast is what is inside of you, your fear.

What happened to the kid with the birthmark on his face?

-They think when they set the island on fire, he got caught in the fire and died.

Why did Simon get tangled in the parachute?

-He is trying to show them what the beast is, but its dark, so fear overtakes them and they don’t understand him. So they kill him.

Was Ralph involved in that?

-Ralph and Piggy were involved. They are scared o they give excuses, they blame something else, instead of taking responsibility. Like Macbeth, he blames his ambition, his hands, the chamber lands.

Who is Roger?

-           Roger is creepy; he wanted to just kill people for no reason. Roger and Jack both have a power issue, Jack was seen as the leader, but Roger was the real leader.

There is irony when the naval officer tells the boys he is disappointed in them for how they acted on the island. The adults are in a war, (World War 2) and that is sort of like how the boys acted.

How did Piggy die?

-           When Piggy was standing, they took the stick and released it, the boulder fell and he got knocked off the cliff. After he dies, he gets washed out to sea. He was “cleansed”; it took the evil from him. Simon was also “cleansed” after he died.

Where were the boys going on the plane?

-           They would probably have gone to Africa. They were trying to get away from the war.

What is the significance of the color Pink?

-        Pink is more of an innocent color, it symbolizes health, like the color of your skin.

How long were the boys on the island?

-        A couple of months to a year; their hair had grown out to where it was covering their eyes. Their clothes were ruined and when they arrived it was raining, same as when they left.