Allen Brook School-wide PBiS - Procedures for Teaching Behavior Expectations 







General Class

Shared Spaces/Public Areas

Be Safe

1. Walking

2. Hands to Self

3. Stay on the    right to be polite

1. Hands to self

2. Wipe

3. Flush

4. Wash hands

5. Dry hands

1. Hands to self

2 .Follow adult directions

1. Walking feet

2. Both hands on your tray while walking

3. Eat sitting down

4. Quiet conversation

1. Feet tucked in

2. Hands to self

3  Stay seated at all times

4. Listen to bus driver

1. Hands to Self

2. Follow adult directions

3. Safe walking

1.  Stay with your group

Be Kind

1. Quiet Voice

2. Wave to Friends

1. Quiet voice

2. Knock before opening door

1. Take turns

2. Include others

1. Wait your turn

2. Be patient

3. Practice good table manners

1. Use kind words

2  Be accepting of others

1. “I’m Interested & I Care”

2. Include all classmates in work & play

3. Use  “ I  messages”

1.  Respect property

2.  Present your best self



1. Walking  directly to your destination

2.  Eyes only on artwork

1. Throw towels in the trash

2. Lights off

3.  Clean up toilet and sink after self (or ask an adult for help)

1. Be a good sport

2. Play fair

3. Help others

4. Ask for help

1. Welcome others

2. Clean up after self

3. Know your choice

4. Use a strong/ clear voice

1. Backpack and personal belongings safely stored

2. Ask for help

3. Snacks before or after bus only

1. Take care of all materials

2. Do your best

3. Ask for help

1.  Keep your area clean

Related Arts




Physical Education



Be Safe

1.  Walk calmly

2.  Push in chairs

3.  Ask before leaving   classroom.

1. Follow adult directions.

2. Show safe bodies.

1. Follow adult directions.

2. Have safe bodies.

3 .Move under control.

1. Walk calmly and use

   quiet voices.

2.  Sit quietly on the

   bench with your feet

   on the floor.

3.  Keep all parts of your

   body to yourself.

1.  Move slowly

2.  Raise your hand before leaving seat.

Be Kind

1. Use kind words.

2. Take turns and be patient  

3.  Listen to the speaker.

1.  Use kind words.

2. Take turns and be patient

3.  Ask for help.

1. Use kind words.

2. Be patient.

3. Work as a part of a team.

1.  Use kind words.

2.  Raise your hand to

   speak in library class.

3.  Listen to the speaker.

1.  Be kind to our technology and other equipment.

2.  Teach and help others with your words, not by doing it for them.



1. Take care of materials

2.  Do  your best work.

3. Everyone clean up


1.  Use materials     appropriately.

2.  Do your best work.

1. Have sneakers.

2. Be a good sport/play by the rules.

3. Use equipment


4. Do  your best work.

1.  Return books on time

   or renew if needed.

2.  Keep books safe at

   home and at school.

1.  No food or beverages near technology.

2.  Take care of our things and share.

3.  Be gentle with the technology and one another.

Allen Brook School PBiS Statement of Purpose:

“To create a positive school culture through common teaching, modeling and practicing school-wide behavior expectations.  Making data-based decisions, using a proactive systems approach, will build a community of successful learners.”