Made up of uniform diamond-shaped squares with a decorative ridge pattern from top to bottom. Each square is knitted onto a previous square, so there is no sewing/finishing required. The pattern is suitable for any yarn, either bought or from a stash, as long as the yarn is all the same gauge. If you use sock yarn, use a small needle (size 2). Worsted weight yarn would use a size 5, and so forth. The sock yarn/size 2 square measures approx. 3” x 3”, worsted approx 7” x 7”. The number of squares you make varies with finished size desired or materials used. The following directions are for an afghan approx. 40” by 70” that will contain approx. 350 squares. The afghan will be bordered on all four sides with the triangular points of the diamond-shaped squares.

Materials: various colors of sock weight yarn, 200 yards of 5-6-7 different colors or variegated with extra for the top/bottom/side border color.Needles: Size 2

Starter Squares: Make 13 squares of the same color to form the lower border.

Making each square: CO 31 st. Row 1 (Right side) Slip 1st st. as to purl (Sl1P), K 29, K 1 st in the back (K1B).Row 2 and all wrong side rows: S1P, K all stitches, K1B. Row 3 Sl1P, K13, slip as to Knit 2x (Sl2K), K1, pass 2 slipped st over the K (PSSO), K 13, K1B = 29 st. having decreased 2.Row 4,6,8,10 etc as Row 2Row 5 Sl1P, K 12, Sl2K, PSSO K12, K1B = 27 st with a decrease each right side row of 2 st. Continue in this manner decreasing 2 st each right side row until 3 st remain. Sl1P, Sl1K, PSSO, pull single strand through the loop. Your square is complete.

Building the afghan: Lay 2 starter squares side by side right side up with ridge line going up and down. With a different color, pick up 16 st from right hand square and 15 st from left hand square. Follow directions as above for Row 1. You have now completed the first square in the second row of the afghan. Lay another starter square to the lower row starter square and repeat with a different color. Continue across until all starter squares are joined and second row of different colors is complete. Run in all loose ends at the completion of each row.

Edge squares: Left-hand edge: With the border color, Pick up 16 st from the most left-hand square in the second row and CO 15 st onto the needle. Follow directions as for Row 1 above.

Right-hand edge: with the border color, CO 15 st onto the needle, then pick up 16 st from the most right-hand square in the second row. Follow directions as above for Row 1.

Finishing the afghan: Work a row of squares along the top with the same border color as along the bottom and sides. Run in last row of loose ends and enjoy your afghan.