J. Trenton Jones


Professor Stephen Yang

Lab B

Verbal Transcript of the Lab

(To the whole class)

Alright everyone bring it in on this blue line right here, put your jump-ropes to your right side about an arm’s length from the person next to you. Alright good, some of you could go to the back if you’d like, on the white line

Alright everyone my name is Mr. Jones and my signal for attention today will be my voice.

So how is everyone this morning?



(To the whole class)

That’s good to hear.

Alright we are going to begin our jump-rope unit.

The first skill we are going to learn is the forward straddle.

Now if you remember from last month we did the cross country skiing unit, and the cues for that were right forward, left forward.

For the forward straddle it is the same cues. You’ll be going right forward, left forward.

So on the line you are on right now I want everyone to go right forward, left forward when I say go.

(To Andrew)

So what are we doing when I say go?


  Right forward, left forward.

(To the whole class)

Very good, go.


(To Nicole)

Way to be on the balls of your feet Nicole.

(To whole class)

To help you lean slightly forward. It’ll help you be on the balls of your feet more.

Nice job, nice job

Alright everyone freeze look at me.

We are going to split up into two groups I you could all turn around and face the wall.

This will be the first group.

Alright pick up your jump-rope, and if you don’t feel comfortable using your jump-rope don’t use and do it like this. (Action)

Alright so everyone come to me, about the blue line. Ready, begin.


Alright first group up.

Come to me, go.

Next group, go.

(To Anthony)

If you don’t want to use the jump-rope you don’t have too


I feel like I have to.

(To Nicole)

 Nice wrists Nicole.

(To whole class)

Alright everyone looking at me. Go, down and back last time.

Next group go.

(To Josh)

Nice tight wrists.

(To whole class)

Alright coming back. Wait look at me.

Ready, go.

Next group looking at me, ready go.

Alright back to your lines.

Alright next we are going to do the straddle cross.

For this, um, has anyone ever done hop-scotch? This is kinda the same movement.

The cues for this are apart, left-cross. You see my left leg is crossing over my right leg. Does everyone see this? Then we’re going to do apart right cross, so my right leg is crossing over my left leg.

Alright so put your jump-ropes down to your right and in your own personal space I want you to practice this.

Now for this you want to stay on the balls of your feet. It will help you be more agile. Remember apart, left cross, apart, right cross.

(To Nicole)

Nicole what are the cues?


Apart, left cross, apart, right cross.

(To whole class)

Very nice when I say go I want everyone to practice this.

Everyone looking at me.

Ready go.

It’s alright to slow it down if you don’t get it just yet. That is how you learn.

Alright everyone freeze. Pick up your jump-rope in your hand and take a step back.

Kinda stagger yourselves so you don’t hit anyone.

Ok, now we’re going to do this with a jump-rope.

It’s kinda difficult to do at first, I don’t really have it down, so if you don’t want to use a jump-rope don’t use one.

It’s gonna be apart, left cross, apart right, cross.

When I say go I want everyone to try this.

(To Andrew)

Way to be on the balls of your feet.

 (To Danielle)

Nice wrist turns. But try to get them closer.

(To whole class)

Alright, alright everyone freeze.

Bring it back in to your lines.

Put your jump-ropes down to your right.

Already thank you everyone that’ll be lesson for today, next week we will be doing the double with two people.

Alright, thank you.