E. Weaver

One day last October Mr. Suhusky was telling us about an honors band that we could participate in. I was thinking in my back row chair that I was going to be in that band no matter what. So when he asked if anyone wanted a signup form my hand shot up in the air. I went right home and told my mom about it. She had to sign a form saying that I could participate in this band and that we were available on the days we practiced. I turned the form in the next day and then I had to wait. It was a really long time. I found out I got in the band in early November and I was in shock. Mr. Suhusky was only allowed to pick two brass players, two woodwind players, and two of his choice. There were about 12 people that wanted to be in the honors band. I wasn’t quite sure he would pick me either. I am the only girl in a section of four boys. It can be fun and times and annoying at others. The music I had to practice wasn’t extremely difficult but we would never had done it in regular band class. The band coordinators gave us four songs to practice. That didn’t mean we were going to play them all but we had to be familiar with them in case we did. The band was made up of boys and girls from all over the district. Some were from Holland, Jenison, and Allegan. We were all seventh grade students. Before our performance the honors band had three rehearsals. They were all in a weeks time span. It was crazy. At our first rehearsal I was so scared. I didn’t know anyone and getting thrown into this situation was really overwhelming. We got to practice at Allegan High School. When I got there the band room was so quiet. Our band room at Hamilton is so loud before class starts so that was a little different for me. I walked in with one of my friends that also made it. That made it a little better. By the time I found my seat and the conductor made us introduce ourselves I was feeling comfortable there. The rehearsal was two or three hours long. We were playing the whole time. It was torture. Wind players don't usually play for two hours straight. We did get one 15 minute break but that was it. By the time we had played through our songs a few times. It was time to go. I said bye to my section and went home. We had rehearsal another time that week so I went back and did it again. That Sunday was our performance. I was so excited. Both of my grandparents came and watched me perform. Our part of the performance lasted about half an hour. It was so much fun being able to so that for all those people. The auditorium was packed. Afterwards I was so happy with the performance. I was literally smiling for 20 minutes. That was one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it.