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Calendar Moodle ISU


Using a calendar in a course can help both the instructor and the students keep track of deadlines and important dates within the course.

This guide will help you to understand:

Adding the Calendar Block

  1. Turn editing on. For more information, see Moodle ISU Overview

  1. In the Navigation Drawer, Locate Add a Block


  1. From the Add a block pop-up menu, Select Calendar

Note: for more assistance on blocks and how to move them see, Blocks in Moodle ISU

Configuring the Calendar Block

You can modify the configuration of the Calendar block.

  1. In the top right corner of the block, Click the gear icon
  2. From the dropdown menu, Select Configure Calendar block

Note: For information on what the other icons do, see Moodle ISU Overview

Calendar Block Settings

  1. The first line indicates the block’s original location
  1. Display on page types provides three options of where your calendar will be displayed
  1. Any page - This will make the calendar display on any page for Moodle ISU when you are logged in.
  2. Any course page -  This will make the calendar available on every page that you have set up within the course.
  3. Any type of course main page - This will make the calendar available only on the main page for the course.  This is also the default setting.
  1. Default region - This version of Moodle allows for the default region being the right side of the Moodle page
  2. Default weight - To relocate the block on the screen you can weigh the blocks importance in this area

On this page

  1. From the Visible dropdown menu, Select Yes or No to determine whether the calendar is visible to students
  2. From the Region dropdown menu, Select where the calendar will reside on the screen
  3. From the Weight dropdown menu, Select the weight the calendar will receive
  1. To relocate the block on the screen, you can weigh the block’s importance in this area.
  2. The lower the weight, the higher up on the page the block will appear.

  1. Click Save Changes to save your configurations

Events Keys

The events keys allow you to add certain activities or key dates for the course. The following is a list that breaks down the options and explains when to use each one.

Note: If you click on these events on the main calendar block, they can be hidden or shown to students and users.

Global - Events that are relevant to the university, such as holidays etc.

Course - Events that are relevant to the course in general such as exams or assignments.

Group - Events that are relevant to certain groups within the course.

User - Personal events that will not be visible to other users.

Adding Events to Calendar

  1. Click on the calendar name

  1. Click New event in the Calendar view

  1. On the New event page, Select the type of desired event
  1. Site - Visible to all participants able to see your calendars.
  2. Course - Visible to participants on the course in question.

  1. Type the Event title

  1. Type a Description

  1. Set a Date

  1. Set a duration if so desired

  1. Choose whether or not this event will repeat in Repeated events

  1. Click Save changes

For more information on using your calendar, see Calendar

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu

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