Servings: 2 Revised Oct. 26, 2013


This is my version of a Peruvian hot chocolate recipe made with oatmeal. The original recipe called for bar chocolate and evaporated milk (ubiquitous in South America). But the oats make such a rich, thick drink that is much lower in fat (and less expensive), and the cocoa tastes as luxurious as chocolate.  PS: I keep a jar of homemade oat flour in a jar at all times so that I can make this at a moment's notice.

NOTE: you can cut the recipe in half if it's just for you, or double it for a group.  

2 cups         nondairy milk of choice (commercial almond milk beverage is good in this)

2 Tbsp   oat flour (for Oat Flour, grind rolled oats to a powder in a dry blender or clean, dry electric coffee/spice grinder)

6 to 8 tsp    unsweetened, organic fair trade cocoa powder  

6 to 8 tsp    brown sugar, packed  


North American Traditional:  

1 tsp   pure vanilla extract (or you could use 1/2 tsp pure peppermint or almond extract instead)  

South American Traditional:  

1/8 tsp   cinnamon  

2 pinches   grated nutmeg  


In addition to the cinnamon and nutmeg, add a drop of pure almond extract and a pinch of cayenne pepper.   


Mix the first 4 ingredients together in your blender at high speed until VERY smooth and a bit frothy. Strain the mixture through a fine tea strainer to remove any large particles of oats, pressing with the back of a spoon after it’s all run through.  

In a microwave-safe bowl or pitcher (with room to froth up) in the microwave on 100% power for 3 minutes, or until very hot, thickened and frothy on top. (ALTERNATE METHOD: Heat the mixture gently in a small sauce pan over medium heat until hot and thickened, stirring frequently.)

Stir in your chosen Additions (or sprinkle on top), pour into 2 large mugs, and serve immediately.