Friday, June 1st: 

Today is your first challenge!!! Simply keep the weekly focus in mind...gratitude. Remind yourself as the day goes on just how grateful you are for your children. Also remember that you will get out of this challenge what you put into it, so remember to give it your all. If a day goes by where you forget, or "slip up" on a challenge...just keep the weekly focus in mind and stay on the right track. The purpose of the weekly challenge is just that to serve as a reminder all week long.

Onto the challenge: Do you have a gratitude rock? I do! If you don't, maybe think of adding it to your to do list for the weekend. You can use any rock, typically a smooth one. It doesn't matter where it is from, pick one up from your backyard, I had one left from a project. Keep it with you in your purse, your pocket, and each time your hand touches it...think of something you are grateful for. Even if you are just staying at home...keep it on your nightstand and each night before you go to bed, hold the rock in the palm of your hand, close your hand, close your eyes, and think of what you are grateful for...and say thank you. Gratitude allows you to keep your mind in a positive place. We all know that is the best place for our mind to be. :)

 “Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” -Christian Science Hymnal

Saturday, June 2nd: 

Happy Saturday! NO Screen Saturday! The reason most of us love the weekends SO much is because we get more free time with our family. So make sure you do that today! We are grateful for our time with them and it's important to show them that!

Onto the Challenge: No TV. Nope, no morning cartoons, no movies, NOTTA. It's unnecessary and distracting. Don't let it distract you from the time you could be spending with each other, your children, your husband, your own parents, etc. Just keep it off, all day. If your children are used to it and get restless, try spending some time outside, etc to keep them busy! Good luck! :)

Sunday, June 3rd: 

Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend! Time to wind down and relax before starting up the week ahead.

Here's the challenge: Declare tonight family game night. You can get as “into” this as you would like. It can be as simple as pulling out candyland...or you can take your kiddos along with you to the store and let them pick out some of their favorite snacks! That is all up to you, just make sure to take spend some of the evening relaxing and playing a fun game with your kids! If you don’t have board games, you don’t need to go out and buy any, I’m not going to break your bank with this challenge. Just try some hide and seek, I spy, etc!

Monday, June 4th:

Here we go, our first full week! Did you get your gratitude rock this weekend? What do you think? Isn’t it nice to have that moment to yourself to remember all the things you have to be grateful for. Share your thoughts on it in a comment on the blog.

Here’s your challenge: Do your dishes this morning. What?! Yes. Go do them when you wake up, or maybe after breakfast. Because you won’t be doing them tonight. You are actually NOT allowed to do your dishes tonight. Don’t even look at them. Instead, you’re going to take that time and play in your childrens’ kitchen. You can do their play dishes instead if you must :) If they don’t have a kitchen , just play with play food. Or you could even make a pretend kitchen with a cardboard box.  This is not only about taking spending that extra time with your children, it’s about realizing that sometimes, things can wait. Granted, household chores need done...but realize that sometimes it’s okay to relax a little, get OUT of routine, and focus on the more important things. The dishes can wait till the morning.

Tuesday, June 5th: 

Well, if you are like me I’m sure the dishes in the sink are killing you by now, so go ahead and do them. :) After me and my daughters get settled after breakfast, etc. in the morning. We love to snuggle up with some good books. Today ask your children what their favorite story is to read and let them know that you want to read that story with them today.

Just make sure to read that story with them by the end of the day!

Wednesday, June 6th:

 Wednesdays are our busy night, dance night! Ava loves going to dance on Wednesday. In honor of that,’re going to dance!

The challenge: Turn up the music with your kiddos and dance! Minimum of 20 minutes, GO! :) Part of the fun of having a that you have an excuse to act carefree like one too.

Speaking of carefree kids, they don’t have facebook, laptops, anything. Hey, could that be why they are so carefree?! Who knows. But make sure to say buh-bye to your facebook and texting friends tonight. You will miss them tomorrow!

Thursday, June 7th:

How’s it going so far? I hope you’re enjoying the extra time with your kiddos. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily need to be more time, even making sure to make better use of your time with them helps. But extra time never hurts either.

Here’s your challenge: No facebook. No laptop. No internet. No don’t play games on your phones either :) Basically no unnecessary technology. Just stay away from it!

Friday, June 8th:

I hope you all survived your day of no internet  to read this today. :) If so, take today to relax, job well done yesterday! Tap yourself on the back! Let’s discuss the type of days that you had. Was it different than a normal day? In a good way or bad? Let’s talk! Leave your comments on the blog.

For your challenge: Ask your child or children what their favorite food is, make note of it and make sure you have supplies to make it, you’ll need it for this weekend! Have a good day!