Statements War allies 'bodies keep falling' 13 killed in Urdu Jasrat. as translated by google translator.

Statements War allies 'bodies keep falling' 13 killed


Published in Jasrat dated 21st March 2011.

Karachi (APP) partners in the statements of fighting the city in different areas of terrorist incidents in the 13 corrected terms became 3 vehicles burnt were. Gulshan Iqbal 'kharadr' Garden 'Municipality tan' Gulistan Johar 'three Move 'Baghdadi' klry 'tan alleged killings and other target areas quickly MQM press conference came after. Fetched terrorism in the name of the MQM rally co-workers from the shops and market of serious fire closed 'citizens serious deterioration has spread fear and' citizens to fire a worker of MQM from Rangers was killed after exchanging fire. Details of the Gulshan police station limits near Gulshan Iqbal Block 3 Disco Bakery Ice depot on fire by unidentified suspects riding a motorcycle 46-year-old son of Allah Haji Aziz Inayatullah 30-year-old son of Haji Habibullah killed while Allah Nazar Jamil Uddin 'Wilayat Shah' Syed Bismillah 'Inayatullah injured. kuqryby injured people to hospital moved. kharadr perfect street police station limits unknown suspects shot 20-year-old Vicky and killed 29-year-old minor. kharadr deceased residents and police were hard labor. garden area near the firing luck wedding hall 2 people were killed. bodies were shifted to a nearby hospital. According to police, victims between ages 30-35, however, could not identify the victims until late at night. Municipality Town Municipality No. 8 in the unknown motorcycle rider accused of shooting 30 year-old Rashid Hussain died. According to police, while the victim was mynmlazmt towel factory was Hazara ancestral relationship. Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 17 Gulistan-e-Jauhar area near the stream runs Chowk street 4 days old due to non-ID. victim's hand feet were bound. Baghdadi police station limits Moses Lane Street No. 2 by unknown suspects fired 26-year-old son Ali Asghar Kamran khtry khtry died. According to police, the victim and a resident of Musa Lane is said MQM worker. klry Ground pyplzftbal police station limits near 30-year-old's body was recovered. According to police bullets killed after kidnap victim has been killed. Police identified the victim as 30-year-old Mohammad Rais' s son's name was Imran . According to police, a resident of the native garden victim relationship was stuck. alleged Meteorological Town police station limits near 29-year-old Shahzad Hussain son of firing student Ali died. mkynk police motorcycle and the victim was MQM worker. Gulistan in essence is the last day injuries died during treatment. Jamshed Quarter Move accused of forcing three shops in the area were shut down on police and rangers reached the accused opened fire on the Rangers' response firing Rangers 30-year-old died as a result of understanding. the victim was MQM worker. Gulistan Johar Also I just 'alleged truck in town and cities in various areas during protests Burns Road' Gulshan Iqbal 'in Liaquatabad miscreants burnt tires Road blocked by several hours, causing traffic problems and the citizens suffered. here rest in the garden area which threw hand grenades at the mosque that could not split that police made inactive. Also Malir City the premises of police station a week and Imamia Students Organization MQM cakng wallpaper on the tension between an hour due to heavy firing continued for the area and all shops and market roads was snsan. after firing serious deterioration in fear and spread.