e-learning bingo for your blog!


Make a word cloud in tagxedo



Use a digital camera to make a 30 sec. video, no commercial music, upload to Flickr & blog it!

Add sparkly, bouncy text with My nice profile

Make a slideshow in photopeach and add captions or make a quiz

Take a screenshot  off your screen and make a HOW To instruction sheet

Cmmd + Shift + 4 for Mac

Create a Voki



Find out who the experts are in your class. Create an experts wall - eg Photostory - John and Fred

Paint - Mary and Sue

Digital Camera - Amy and Anton

Make an animoto movie


Use photobucket to make a sparkly slideshow

Use fotobabble to allow a learner to talk on their story...

Make an audio recording in Audiopal and embed in a blogpost, eg student reading expressively or reading their writing

Create an avatar in Buildyourwildself, take a screenshot and write a story about it

Create a jigsaw puzzle out of a photo and embed it in your blog

Use Wallwisher to collect ideas from students, prior knowledge, thoughts, etc, evaluation

Make a 5 frame story with photos

Use Storybird for writing and embed on your blog

In reading time, read another class blog and leave a comment


Use the literacy shed for writing motivation

Add a Crayola drawing page.






Create a QR code to take others to your blog!

Record voice with Vocaroo



Use skitch to show your thinking behind a photo.

Have a class challenge on a problem solving game ie the lorax or cut the rope

Start a game of ‘drawsomething free’ to challenge your drawing/ spelling/ vocab skills.

Make an animation using Super Hero Lego Maker

Use Show me to explain a maths strategy

Use Pic Collage to create a collage of photos and Add text

Create a visual dictionary

Take a screen grab of you playing zoom- use skitch to explain how this could be a valuable learning tool.

Create a postcard and explain to someone what you have learnt today and email it


Brainstorm ideas in Popplet lite


Use photoshop express to edit a photo and add effects

Work in a group to work collaboratively to play word puzzles, chicktionary lite

Use Find


Use an AR app and take a screenshot to use as motivation for writing, dragons, butterflies

Create a dance sequence using Autodance

Read Toy Story and add your own audio