Find the country and then city of your partner asking only YES/NO questions. A “YES” answer allows to ask another question. A “NO” answer gives the opposing group the chance to ask a question. 20 questions maximum. After each 5 questions a CLUE can be given.

Mystery Skype Teams

Greeters – say hello and tell something about us without giving away our location

Inquirers – ask the questions of the other group

Question Keepers – write questions and answers on computer/notebook

Mappers – use atlas, Google maps etc. to zero in on the clues

Digital Photographer/Videographer  – captures the call with a digital and/or video camera

Some possible questions...

About the country

1. Is your country in Europe/the USA/Africa/The Middle East?

2. Is it a big country?

3. Is it near the sea?

4. Do they speak English as a first language there?

5. Is it very hot in summer and cold in winter?

6. Is it north/south/east/west of...........?

7. Does your country border another country?

8. Are there mountains in your country?

9. Does your country have a coastline?

10. Is …...................the capital of your country?

About the town/city

1. Is it a big town?

2. Is it the capital town of your country?

3. Are there more than 100,000 inhabitants living there?


After 20 questions each team has to guess the partner’s country and town explaining WHY they think it is that. After the game, each class can share facts and information about their home country and/or city.