Single Replacement Lab

Question- How will different metals(Cu,  Mg, Al,  Zn, and Fe) react with HCl acid?

You will be using 1M HCl acid in this lab.  Use extreme caution and make sure not to get it on you.  If you do, rinse off with a copious amount of water and let the instructor know.

Knowledge Probe

1.  What is the basic formula for a single replacement reaction?


Remember HOFBRINCl while going through these single replacement reactions.

Predict the single replacement reaction, and balance.

Predict what will happen

Rank in order from most reactive to least reactive.

_____ Cu + _____ HCl → __________  + ___________

_____ Mg + _____ HCl → __________ + ___________

_____ Al + _____ HCl → ___________+ ___________

_____ Zn + _____ HCl → ___________ + __________

_____ Fe + _____ HCl → ___________ + ___________


1.  Obtain the mass of a small sample of Cu, Mg, Al, Zn, and Fe and record.

1.  Place small amount of copper in test tube one.

2.  Place small amount of magnesium in test tube two.

3.  Place small amount of aluminum in test tube three.

4.  Place small amount of zinc in test tube four.

5.  Place small amount of iron in  test tube five.

6.  Carefully pour about 5mL of HCl acid in each test tube.

7.  Observe and record (make sure to feel bottom of test tube also) what happens in each test tube.

8.  Carefully collect the metal sample without touching acid and rinse and dry the sample of metal.

9.  Record the new mass of the sample.

8.  Clean up as instructed by the teacher.



Mass before

Mass after

Mass Lost(-) or gained(+)






Data Analysis

1.  Which metal appeared to react the most just by watching them?  Why did you pick this one?

2.  Which metal appeared to react the least just by watching them?  Why did you pick this one?

3.  When the metal reacted with the acid what gas was produced?

4.  Explain whether your hypothesis was correct or not.

5. Some of the reactions produced heat.  What type of reaction would this be? Exothermic or endothermic and why?