General Findings


Corvallis K-12

Diane Woodard

Instructional Technologist


Corvallis Public School is committed to providing instructional programs, methods and materials which will be consistent with current knowledge of effective teaching and will be appropriate to the developmental age of students. These programs will be available to students regardless of race, color, caste, creed, sex or level of ability. The district recognizes that equal opportunity education does not imply uniformity and that each student's unique characteristics must be acknowledged

K-12 Module Rollout for all Full Time Certified Staff - April 6th (Middle School)

April 14th (Elementary) & April 27th (High School)


Welcome - What is NEW SLATE?

  1. Score yourself using the + - system
  2. Compile scores from Simple Assessment
  3. Circle or highlight YOUR priorities (This will dictate the modules)
  1. When you get to your computer you need to complete the following steps.
  • All Staff should change their password
  • All Staff should set a security question
  • Complete the modules based upon your score sheet...


Meet with Triad Leaders April 14th & 27th

  • Calendar
  • Equipment
  • Incentives


-Schedule Technology Plan Committee Meeting & Admin Training


~Training Levels~

All Staff: Welcome all staff to the NEW-SLATE grant process. Everyone will log into the system, change their password and create a security question. Using the real simple assessment, identify the modules that support the individual "Personal Learning Plan".

Triad Leadership Teams: Introduction to their roles as the Triad leaders, develop a training calendar for the remainder of the year and Summer, further development of their PLP's. Discuss local initiative that can be further developed with technology integration.

Administrative Leadership Teams: Discuss the Personal Learning Plans and develop Admin training accordingly.

Technology, 5YCEP & PD Plan Alignment Team: Develop timeline for alignment of plan to the state framework. Set goals for completion and identify items in the existing plan will fit into the new plan.

Triad's (Leadership Team)

Priorities for the Triad Team 

Administration (Leadership Team)

TO DO...

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