Project: Freckles & Dimples Social Bookmarking/Networking Site




in progress



Project Summary:

 “Freckles & Dimples” will be a niche community of fans of the U.S. television show Supernatural and, more specifically, readers of the fan fiction inspired by the show.  The focus of the site is to allow members to share the bookmarks of their favorite fan fiction stories as well as write small reviews (called “recs”), tag these bookmarks for easy story “grouping”, add these bookmarks to favorite and "to read" lists, and comment on the recs.


Currently, there are hundreds of blogs on LiveJournal and other blogging sites where individuals “rec” numerous flavors and genres of fan fiction.  Those are easy to locate within those communities.  However, there were and still are quite a few people who had been using prior to its recent sale and revision.  While it wasn’t perfect, the features it offered and its functionality were well-suited to those in the community who were not interested in flashy, shiny interfaces, but functionality and simplicity.  The revision has not only removed some of the communal functionality we loved, but it has made many of those features unusable and certainly less simple.

General Goal:

I am hoping to create a social bookmarking website with some of the functionality of the old but with a focus on the needs of this niche community, which will allow for some limitations but will also hope to modify those functions in favor of the niche's needs.  The website design should be simple, easy on the eyes, and easy to use, without a lot of glitz and glamor.

Instead of blogs, there were be recs of bookmarks, instead of forums, there will be groups.  Members will be able to see site-wide activity streams and member profiles.  Non-members will be able to see the bookmarks with the recs but will have to register to comment..






Bookmarks/”The Library”

Activity/”The Road”

Groups/”The Hauntings”




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