Graphic Design Project 3:  We Are Lakeview!

Objective:  For this assignment, you will be required to design a new log for Lakeview.  Lakeview has been running adds that say:

We Are Lakeview…Are You?

Follow the steps below to complete your project.  When you are done, save it to our class folder on the X-Drive.  Name your file firstinitiallastname_graphic3_hour.

1.  Go to my web site,  Under web design, you will see a zipped folder called graphic_design_project3_files.  Download this file to your “H” drive.

What is a zip file?

A zip file is a folder that contains many items.  Think of it as a brown paper bag that you would put your lunch in.  Have you ever emailed a bunch of pictures to someone and had to attach them individually?  That takes forever.  If you put them in a zip file, you will only need to attach that file.  It saves you time!

2.  When you download the project files, you will need to extract them or “open your lunch bag”.  To extract them:

                                        1.  Right-click on the folder.

                                        2.  Hover over the word “7 Zip”.

                                        3.  Select the Extract Here option.

Now all of your files are on your “H” or network drive.

  1. Create a new Fireworks file.  It should be 500 by 500 pixels.
  2. Save your file as a fireworks PNG file.  Name it firstinitiallastname_graphic3_6.  Be sure it is on your network or “H” drive.
  3. Use all three images and include the tagline, We Are Lakeview…Are You?,  and design a graphic that Lakeview could possibly use.