Nourish Your Appetite

Marinated Oven Baked Ribs


3 lbs. of Beef Riblets

1 cup Canola Oil (Vegetable Oil may be used)

½ cup Cider Vinegar

3 cups Packed Brown Sugar

1 tbsp Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1 tsp. Garlic Powder

½ tsp. Onion Powder

½ tsp. Salt

18 ounces of Your Favorite BBQ Sauce

Step 1

Whisk together the Canola Oil, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Soy and Worcestershire Sauces,

Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Salt in a bowl. In a large baking dish, arrange the riblets and pour the mixture over them. Cover the dish and let marinate overnight,

basting occasionally.

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 300º. Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and place in

the oven. Cook for 2 hours.

Step 3

Increase the oven temp to 350º. Remove the aluminum foil and baste ribs with barbecue sauce. Continue cooking for 45 minutes, basting with sauce every 15 minutes. The

riblets should easily separate with a knife and the meat should be tender.

Step 4

Serve ribs with remaining barbecue sauce on the side.

Serves 4-6

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