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iGrammar Apptivity: Creating and Sharing Participial

Phrases with Google, Comic Touch, Juxio

Step 1: Form groups of 3-4. Review participles and participial phrases.

Write the answer to each question in your own words.

What is a participle?____________________________________________________


What is a participial phrase? ___________________________________________


Step 2: You will need to find an image that shows someone or something

performing an action. Please open the Google app (you could search Safari

as well) and search for images. Think about activities that interest you---

baseball, skateboarding, dance, etc. When you have found an image you like,

save it to your Photos. If you cannot find an image you like, ask a classmate

to take a picture of you doing something in the classroom, such as reading a

book, studying for a quiz, etc.). Once you have saved your image, move on to

Step 3.

Step 3: Create a sentence about your image that contains at least

ONE participial phrase. Write it in the space provided:



Step 4: Open up the Comic Touch app. Touch the icon on the far top left and you will get the “Start New Comic” prompt. Select “Photo Library.” Locate your image and select it.

Step 5: Select the “Caption” feature at the bottom left of your screen.. Once

you decide where on the image you would like your caption, tap the caption to

type your text.

Step 6: Select the “Text” window and begin typing your sentence. When you are finished, select back.

Step 7: At this point, you could add a thought bubbles or two to add humor to your image.

Step 8: Once you are satisfied with your image, save it by going to the envelope icon at the center top of your screen. Select “Save Comic to Photos.”

Step 9: Open the “Juxio” app and select “Create a Jux”

Step 10: Select the jux on the first page.  In the blue box type: “Participial Phrases”

Step 11: Tap “Add Photo” and select your image from the photo album.

Step 12: Tap “Add text” and type your sentence.

Step 13:  Take a screenshot to save it in your photos or email your finished jux.