“Burning Man is an incredible canvas for self expression, but don’t limit yourself.
The place where you are right now is even more hungry for creativity, joy, and change.”

– From The People of Burning Man

Dear Editor/Producer/Blogger,

I am thrilled to present The People of Burning Man: Portraits of Revolutionary Spirits (August 2011). I’d love to see you share this “Next Best Thing To Being There” book with your audience via a review, mention, feature story, or interview with San Francisco-based author/photographer Julian Cash. With Burning Man 2011 in Nevada’s Black Rock desert quickly approaching August 29 – September 5th, the timing couldn’t be more ideal. The photos make eye-catching illustrations, and may be reprinted as part of a review. They are available online at www.ThePeopleOfBurningMan.com/press.html .

This fascinating book displays hundreds of exuberant and colorful images of The People of Burning Man. For over a decade, Cash devoted a week of 12-hour days shooting at the event, working to create a unique photography experience for the participants at the annual festival dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Thousands of artists, performers, scientists, activists, and body painted beauties remember Cash as a highlight of their adventure, and he has many surreal and vibrant portraits to remember them by.

The most compelling images are a result of Cash asking “How would you like the world to be different? What image might communicate and help to bring about that change?” Thus each portrait is a collaboration that is meaningful to its subject, whether promoting the value of silliness, or plumbing the depths of grief. What emerges is an aggregate portrait of a people. “Nothing can do this event justice, you really had to be there,” says Julian Cash. “But I hope that we have documented the amazing spirit of personal possibility.”

The community-based story behind The People of Burning Man book is as compelling as the photos that fill its pages. In its first incarnation, 100-copies of a hand-bound set of prints were distributed and became wildly popular in the Burning Man community. These rare issues are now highly sought after, and there was great demand for another edition. Since another handmade set was impractical, Cash approached traditional publishers, who universally felt it was too “controversial” for consideration.  

That’s when Cash tapped into the grassroots theme at the heart of Burning Man with a Kickstarter campaign. Within just 15 days, 500 people had contributed the funds he needed to publish the book himself. The fundraiser was a smashing success, amassing over $36,000 in donations and procured a print run of 5,000 copies.

“We hope you will use this book to inspire your own adventure,” writes Cash. “Imagine something incredible and work to make it exist. Blow your own mind. Express yourself. There's a light in you and if you let it shine, your inner brilliance will help others find their way. Be brave. Be free.”

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this wonderful and revolutionary book. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at media@ThePeopleOfBurningMan or 415-738-9385.  

Onward and upward!

Kim Corbin