Warren Nature Area Group

Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2011


Attending: Judy, Tom, Michael, Jeff, Evelyn, Jean Anne


June 20 is the Butterfly Garden work day where weeding, trimming etc. will occur. Tom has already cleared brush east of the Butterfly Garden area, Berms are in and seeded with native plants, including butterfly milkweed and leadplant.


There was a question about the area given to TARC. Rumor has it that a baseball diamond is being planned there, in which case we don’t want to put in a lot of restoration efforts there.


Status updates:

- Tom is putting most of his efforts into trying to keep the honeysuckle population down, with added efforts going to keeping the crown vetch and bindweed (other noxious invasive weeds) down.

- Michael talked about the possibility of acquiring a spray gun that would be able to spray 25 ft into brush to better access some of the less desirable vegetation and said that he’d talk to the KAB about this.

- Jeff reports that stuff is coming up where we seeded last fall, including sunflowers and milkweeds.

- Washburn is checking the bluebird boxes. Judy will check on getting some new ones from Tom and/or Westar.  Michael thought making and mounting the boxes might be a good project for the Villages to look into as well.

- Tom has plans to dredge and drain the marshy areas where the cattails are, then mowing them down in an attempt to help control them.


Next meeting: July 12, 2pm, KNI