Research Topic: Health

Chosen Area of Focus: How informed are SST Sec 1 students about the ‘birds and bees’?

Title: A study into SST Sec 1 students’ attitudes towards sex education in school

         1)Framing our research topic

Our chosen area of focus is “How informed are SST Sec 1 students about the ‘birds and bees’? There has been a lot of public attention on the topic sex education in recent years, discussing what need to be taught in the sex education in schools (reference to newspaper reports!). Also, there underage teen pregnancy and STI rates have been increasing at an alarming rate (cite evidence).  

  1. Sometimes people will feel taboo when they are taught with sexual edcation.
  2. The advantages are students can know who are the people which wants to cheat the females.
  3. Some students spend way too much time on their crush.

    Reasons for choice of topic

We chose the this topic on attitudes whether we are learning enough or too little of sexual education as… because we want to find out if current sex education in schools are comprehensive and adequate enough from the students’ perspective.

  1. This is as there has been recent cases of rapists raping younger children and we decided to research on this topic so that we can prevent this. There has also been recent cases of teenage pregnancy and more younger females are falling prey to men. And parents will not get stress and angry.
  2. We also chose this topic as with our generation, we have to educate them about the "evilness" of this world and all the possible dangers that we can fall trap into anytime.
  3. We also have to teach our generation how to resist temptations and to know when is the right time to take big steps in life. And we should also teach them who are the right people to mix with in life.

    Feasibility of the research

First Point:

Sexuality Education covers the following dimensions of a person’s sexuality:

Second Point:

Our youth are growing up in a rapidly changing world, where globalisation and technological advancements expose them to a wide range of influences from around the world.

  1. Yes the task is manageable as it is not very hard to find people who have experience or who have witnessed such experiences and we can find the answers easily.
  2. The task will be manageable because the task is possible to break up into small parts and with that we can fulfil the task faster.
  3. With many roles and each person contributing we can fulfil the task to the best as we will have a wide variety of ideas and thoughts.

    Accessibility of the information required

  Knowledge that would be relevant

       Primary or Secondary Sources.

We will choose Primary sources as primary sources as more exact and straight to the point. In this research Primary Sources would be essential

      Information to ask others:

How do you feel about the current program being taught in school?

Are there any improvements?

Do you feel the information taught in school is enough, more than enough, less or just right?

       Problems that we may face

Wrong sources of information

Wrong people being asked for information

Using the wrong sources

Not gathering enough data

Not many people are responsive to our questions

People not being honest


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