Graduate and Professional Student Senate

Call For Proposals For Graduate Student Improvements In Success And Overall Experience

The purpose and intention of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) is to advocate the needs for a successful graduate and professional student and to ensure that the policies and initiatives being set forth at the University are benefiting to the graduate student body.  We are calling for proposals to improve graduate student success and overall experience.  

GPSS receives part of each graduate student’s activity fee in order to support our purpose and intention as a senate.  Using a portion of these collected funds, proposals will be funded for a maximum of $2000 to start up a proposed plan.  Thereafter the proposed plans need to be self-sustaining by either generating funds for continued operation or through other continuing supporting sources.

Proposals must come from an established graduate and professional student organization, or will apply for student organization recognition by Spring 2012. [link]

Additionally a statement of support for the proposal from the DOGE or department representative /program sponsor is required. Proposals supporting or complementing existing department / program initiatives are encouraged, however not required. Proposals need a clearly defined problem and solution.  Describe the problem thoroughly, including severity of need and urgency, while providing any applicable comparisons to other departments, programs and/or universities.  Solution steps should be reasonable and articulate a well thought out process with timeline to reaching the stated goal(s) while justifying all line-item expenses in the budget.  Include the estimated number of graduate and professional students impacted by the proposal, as well as the methodology of how that number was arrived at. Provide evaluation metrics on how impact and success will be measured.  Give reasonable justification of why success / results are expected.

All proposals will be evaluated by the GPSS Proposal Exploration Committee and the committee’s recommendations on at most ten (10) proposals will be passed to GPSS.  Proposals without a detailed budget of line-item expenses and funding sources will not be considered. Additionally proposals not adhering to the five (5) page, 12pt font, 1.5 line-spaced limit (including the budget, but not including the ONE required proposal support letter) will not be considered.  Funding, if any, will ultimately be put up to vote for the entire GPSS body.