test and quiz corrections for Mr. Maslanka

Students that wish to improve their scores on all tests and quizzes may do so by completing the steps below.

Purpose of test and quiz corrections: to provide students with the opportunity to own the concepts and information after the test or quiz  that was not mastered before.  Test and quiz corrections can be an effective and powerful tool.  While working on the corrections, the students must assess and analyze valuable information and clearly explain their thought processes and also elucidate on correct answers.

Explanation: Test and quiz corrections are a great way for students to improve their overall test grade by earning credit for problems they may have missed on a test. Since there is ample opportunity for students to share answers after the test is graded, and since some of the best open-responses are often modeled for  the class when tests are returned, and since it’s good for students to learn from their mistakes, the requirements for successfully completing test corrections are steps clearly outlined as follows:


I.  Receive test or quiz back with grade on it.  Examine models, if exhibited.

II.  Corrections must be on a separate sheet of paper that will be stapled to the original assessment.

III. To begin:  

  * write out incorrect multiple choice, T/F and matching questions using complete sentences.

* write out the correct answer in the form of a complete sentence answering the question

Ex. -  On Quiz:  

                     __C__.   1.  Who wrote “The Tell-Tale Heart”?  

                        A.  Edgar Allan Poe                        B.  Edgar Bennett

                        C.  Shakespeare                         D.  Ralph Emerson

        C is clearly incorrect, so to receive points:


  1.  Who wrote “The Tell-Tale heart”?      Edgar Allan Poe is the man who wrote “the Tell-Tale Heart.”

   **** OR- If it is a matching question

        The character that hears a dead man’s heart beating through the floor_B__

A. The narrator from ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

B.  Wall-E


The above choice is clearly incorrect;  revise as such for credit:


IV.  Students may revise all open responses.  The entire response must be re-written.  

V. Don’t do corrections for bonus questions



For all questions not of open response variety, students will receive half of the lost points back, so if each question was 4 points, they will receive 2 points added to the grade.

I will re-score the open response and add any additional points gained on the second effort to the test or quiz grade.  If the second response happens to score lower, I will not subtract any additional points.    Students gain points back on a grade; that new grade replaces the older grade.