Lord of the Flies Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation


You and a small group of your classmates will be travel agents, selling a trip to the island in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. In your presentation, you will employ public speaking skills, persuasive skills, creativity, an understanding of the novel, and use PowerPoint.


Your group will choose one of the following “angles” for your presentation.

  1. Photography: Your presentation will give potential tourist an opportunity to glimpse the sights of this picturesque island. Show your customers specific photo-ops -- explain the beautiful places (ex. beach), historically significant places (ex. location of rescue fire), and maybe give your customers the chance to photograph some “creepy” places on the island (ex. Piggy’s final “resting place”).
  2. Family: Your presentation will target customers with young children. Show your customers what activities an entire family could do together on the island (ex. candlelight dinner at sunset on the beach), what activities are just for the kids (ex. building sandcastles, hunting with Jack, learning to build huts with Ralph), and how parents can take time for a romantic getaway while kids are entertained (ex. who would be a competent babysitter among the stranded boys?).
  3. Locals: Your presentation will give your customers an idea of who they will meet on the island. Sell the trip based on what events the characters host now (ex., pig roast parties after sundown hosted by Jack), what tours they are leading (ex. tour of all the island’s mysterious locations with The Littluns), and what wisdom travelers can gain from the island’s inhabitants (ex. spiritual retreat with Simon in the woods).
  4. Lodging: Your presentation will sell customers a trip based on the variety of housing available during their vacation experience. Show your customers how they can enjoy a relaxing bed and breakfast, a jungle-themed hotel, and/or a simple hut on the beach. Consider which characters would build these types of vacation homes, and how their personalities would come through in the decor.
  5. Folklore/Mythology: Your presentation will sell a trip to ghost-hunters interested in paranormal phenomena. Show your customers The Beastie, the parachutist, and how island locals like to tell scary stories by the light of the rescue fire in the evening.
  6. Souvenirs: Your presentation will entice tourists to shop ‘till they drop on the island! Consider explaining which characters have opened shops, and what the shops sell. Pretend that Jack has opened a hunting shop, Piggy opened an optometrist’s office, and Ralph is selling island wear.
  7. Adventure: Your presentation will draw in thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. Emphasize the opportunity to participate in hand-to-hand combat with other travelers, build relationships to emerge as a leader, and cliff-diving. Be sure to consider which characters might teach/lead such activities.
  8. Athletics: Your presentation will entice athletes to visit the island. Show potential travelers how they can increase their athletic ability and tone up with a week or so at the island. Which sports will your travelers get to play? What type of work-outs will they be involved in? What kind of healthy diet can an island athlete expect? Be sure to think about which characters will work as personal trainers.
  9. Biology/Horticulture: Your presentation will sell a trip to those interested in studying plant and animal life. Include information about tropical vines, wild boars, and berry bushes. Who on the island can teach about these topics? Why might a curious botanist want to spend a vacation there?  
  10. Food: Your presentation will sell a trip to the island based on its delicious fare. Consider which island chefs own specialized restaurants. What might the restaurants be called? How might they be decorated? What specialty items do they serve?


It is suggested that you divide up your time in the following way. Consider writing out an outline according to this format before you and your group members write your presentation and create your PowerPoint.


Use the space below to take notes on Ms. Marshall’s PowerPoint lesson. If you do not follow her guidelines, you will not be successful on the final exam.



Presentation Date:



(19-20 points)


(17-18 points)


(15-16 points)

Far Below

(0-14 points)


5 -- 7 minutes long

longer than 7 minutes

3 -- 4minutes long

less than 3 minutes.


uses at least 3 specific quotes

(correctly attributed)

directly from the


uses 2 specific quotes (correctly attributed) directly from the novel

uses 1 specific quote (correctly attributed) directly from the novel

Does not use quotes correctly


cleverly/carefully adds creativity/interest without containing all text

adds creativity/interest but contains too much text

students read from slides

distracts from presentation or is not present


utilized effectively through facial expressions, word choice, tone, and body language

some effectiveness through facial expressions, word choice, tone, and body language

little effectiveness through facial expressions, word choice, tone, and body language

Very little use of facial expressions, word choice, tone, or body language at all

 Group Member Collaboration

consistently listen to and support each other, doing equal shares of the work and staying on task during all given work time

usually listen to and support each other

are sometimes off-task

rarely on-task