1. A clear thesis taking a position on the issue (5 pts)
2. 3 refrences to the speech (3 pts)
3. Explanation of the opposition and counter argument (10 pts)

        Obama’s State of the Union Address brings up many issues that we have in this country.  Mortgages, gas, jobs, and the auto industry are a few examples he stated that were an issue.  Each of these things are main contributors to how the economy can be built back up to normal.  The issue that I believe is one of the most important is fixing the auto industry.

Before President Obama became president, the auto industry was at the verge of collapse.  Many people got fired from their jobs in the manufacturing industry and there was no solution as to how they could get it back up.  “With a million jobs at stake, I refused to let that happen.” Obama knew how important getting these jobs back were, and using a long process of determination and responsibility, more and more jobs became available.

The majority of the jobs that were/are available in Michigan have to do with the auto industry.  What Obama made a note of was what is happening in Detroit, can happen in other industries, so they needed to change something before other industries started to collapse as well.  Obama, as well as the rest of the nation, had a huge opportunity to bring manufacturing back from failure.  The United States needs to become more aware of how to change the auto industry, in order to do it.

For those people who don’t agree with the points being made during this address, you should reconsider it.  By bringing the auto industry back to it’s normal standards, it will create thousands of new jobs for people across the country.  What should not happen, is Americans being more focused on what is happening in other countries, rather than what is happening in their own.  In order to fix the problems in America, your focus should be on those problems, and only those problems.