Academic Technology  |  WIMBA - Accessing Archives for Students


Enter the Wimba Classroom

1.  Log into your D2L Class. (

2.  Select the Wimba link from the widget on the left side of your course home screen.

3.  Select the class launcher link to begin Wimba (This will launch in a new browser window.)

4.  Select Participant Login and in the new browser window, type your name and hit Enter.

5.  Run the setup wizard to make sure your browser is ready for Wimba.

6.  Select Launch once the wizard is complete to enter the Wimba Classroom.

For a more detailed guide on entering your Wimba Classroom, click here.



Go to the Lobby

1. Select 'Lobby' from the bottom-right of the Wimba classroom screen. (Next to Exit and Help)

2. Select the 'Archive' tab at the top of the page.

3. Available archives will be listed here. Click on an archive to view the presentation. (Your instructor determines what archives are available for viewing.)

Wimba classes are not archived automatically. If the Archives tab does not have any listed archives, ask your instructor if they have:

1) Been archiving the courses.

2) Made them 'public' or available for you to view.


If You Need Help

Guides, contact information and other help can be found at ETSU's Wimba page:

A more in-depth presenter guide can be found at this URL, explaining the Wimba classroom with its tools and options in greater detail:


Wimba’s support center can be located here:


Wimba offers 24/7 support by phone: (877) 382-2293.