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Core Gallery Artist Elizabeth Murton presents Can, an interactive installation representing Core Gallery in the Deptford X festival 2010.

Using over 1300 used cans as material, Can (2010) creates something spectacular out of the by-products of common life. Consisting of a circular architectural structure, from which lines of cans are suspended as threads, Can builds a wall of fabric out of an everyday object in multiple. By creating a cloth of round cans, Murton teases the viewer by highlighting the inherent three-dimensionality of woven fabric, in spite of its initial two-dimensional appearance.  Can’s constructive nature is a key part of the work.  By making construction visible, attention is placed on the notion of constituent parts.  Cans, once discarded as useless, become the unexpected building blocks of our surroundings.

Can presents a multi-sensory environment that appeals to sound and touch, as well as sight;  gaps between the cans allow light to filter and bounce off the metal, creating a shadow-play on the floor. People can enter Can to escape the outside world.  Both the subtle sound of the cans’ chiming and the play of shadow on the floor conjure up a nightscape distinct from the busy streets and bright light of the surrounds.  Can creates a separate calming space; when you emerge, the  contrast jolts the viewer back to the here and now of daily life.

Can is representing Core Gallery for the Deptford X festival gallery plot space. Deptford X is an annual international arts festival, this year held from 23rd September to 3rd October.



About the artist:

Elizabeth Murton studied Textiles at Goldsmiths within the Fine Art department (2003-2006) and there developed an interest in construction and textile structures, in particular weaving.  This led to the creation of 2-D and 3-D works which explore process and movement. Investigating the use of materials in different contexts, the artist seeks to focus on different relationships between construction, material and the body; to build, occupy and contain.

Interested in the interaction between space and ordered construction, Murton’s practice is an exploration of our relationship with material, structure and fabrication of space.  The artist takes a architectonic approach to textiles, placing a particular emphasis on the linear visuals that are formed as materials are manipulated in textile processes such as weaving.  Murton creates built environments through sculptural manipulation of her materials, which are never limited, varying from fabric, tent poles, ink and paper to tin cans and newspaper.

The artist takes influence from diverse sources.  Murton’s approach to textiles draws upon the philosophy of theoretical physics, the branch of science most concerned with the understanding of inherent structures.  Newspaper piece 'Indevelopment' (2008) further combines the influence of John Cage's Fontana Mix (1958) with the science of basketry. The created structure references the criss-crossing of regular basketry weaving whilst refusing to conform to a coherent structure.  Like Cage’s compositional method, rules are provided for creating, but the outcome is never known, merely controlled by  the system of making.  This interplay between chance and chaos is characteristic of Murton’s work, which often appears on the brink of spinning out of control, chaotically poised to develop into another form.

Murton's studio is in Core Gallery in Deptford's famous Creekside, London.  She has worked across the UK; exhibitions and commissions include Module, a Crafts Council Commission for an Intervention at Origin, Somerset House (2009); Indevelopment at Effuse, Constance Howard Research Centre in Textiles, London (2008); Work and Play, Rules & Regs Residency, The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey (2007); Life Cycles, St Pancras Church Crypt, Euston, London (2007). The artist has also contributed essays to TRACEY on-line Drawing Journal (What is Drawing For?, 2007) and has featured on BBC Berkshire Radio Breakfast Show.

About Deptford X:

“Deptford X exists to promote the best contemporary visual art and celebrate that art with the widest possible audience.  It is an arts event born of Deptford’s creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area.”


About Core Gallery:

Core Gallery showcases exceptional contemporary art through its inspiring annual exhibition programme: in three months it has brought over 1,000 visitors to the new art hotspot of Deptford, SE8.  The gallery’s dynamic programme, consisting uniquely of curated shows, distinctly offers the opportunity for artists and curators to challenge and explore their own practices. Putting the freshest work from both local and international art spheres on public display, Core Gallery intends to develop the strengths of the existing arts sector in Deptford, by expanding its borders and bringing a wealth of talent and diversity to the Deptford scene.  Core Gallery is an entirely artist-led space; its international body comprises globally established artists and graduates from the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths.  Core Gallery is part of the Cor Blimey Arts charitable cooperative.


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