Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit Movie Premiere

10 PM TV News Segment

May 20, 2011

Transcript by Susan Morris


(Video: Open on David SaLoutos playing circus music on Mighty Barton Organ in Al. Ringling Theatre.)


News reporter: Hundreds are turning out...


Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit attendee: We're enthusiastic about what's going on. And since we've been Baraboo residents all of our life, why not participate in a great community effort.


News reporter: …to watch a bit of Baraboo’s history…


Steve Freese: The Ringlings put together the largest circus empire in the world right here in Baraboo.


News reporter: …flash across the big screen.


Marie Freese: But it was a lucky break for me to get this dream of a lifetime so it was really great.


News reporter: The movie is Water for Elephants…


(Video: ECU "Water for Elephants" poster with names of stars: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz.)


Steve Freese: Every aspect of it is based on something we gave them…


News reporter: …and many of these pieces…


Steve Freese: …we had an opportunity to participate in last year by providing most of the research they needed to create a 1931 circus and provided all the circus wagons that were used in the film.


(Video: CU of Benzini Brothers circus wagon used in Water for Elephants.)


News reporter: Even a few of the people here made appearances in the recently released motion picture.


Marie Freese: You will most likely see me under the big top. I will be among the other rubes or regular patrons of the circus.


(Video: Cut to Al. Ringling Theatre with WATER FOR ELEPHANTS on marquee.)


News reporter: The movie itself came out about a month ago but this is the  first time it's being shown here in Baraboo. Given the town's circus ties, they're pretty excited about it.


Steve Freese: When you're a small town like Baraboo, you can't get the movie on opening week. You're just not a big enough market.


News reporter: But now that they do have it, they're kicking it off with a big bash that started at the town's Circus World Museum then traveled over to the Al. Ringling Theatre for the screening.


Steve Freese: 650 tickets between the Al. Ringling Theatre and Circus World  - we have that many people who will being going to the premiere.


News reporter: Some have already seen it, others have not…


(Video: ECU of oversized Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit Gala commemorative tickets.)


…but the people we talked with have said it's a great way to show support for the town's past.


(Video: CU of various Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit Gala collectible souvenirs.)


Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit attendee: Circus - having started in Baraboo many years ago with all the Ringling Brothers - this is great for Baraboo!


(Video: Cut to co-anchors in studio.)


News anchor 1: If you haven't been to Baraboo, it's a great town. The town square is beautiful, very old fashioned.


News anchor 2: And the theatre was very cool-looking!


News anchor 1: Yes, the Al. Ringling Theatre is beautiful inside, too.