June 19th

The Reel Deal reviews

Green Lantern


Directed by:

Martin Campbell

Casino Royale, GoldenEye, Mask of Zorro & Legend of Zorro (director)

Written by:

Greg Berlanti
Michael Green
Marc Guggenheim
Michael Goldenberg

No Ordinary Family & Brothers and Sisters (writer)
Smallville, Heroes & Everwood (writer)

No Ordinary Family, FlashForward & Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors (writer)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix & Contact (writer)


Ryan Reynolds

Peter Sarsgaard

Temuera Morrison

Geoffrey Rush


Hal Jordan

Hector Hammond

Abin Sur

Tomar-Re (voice)


Blake Lively

Mark Strong

Angela Bassett

Michael Clarke Duncan


Carol Ferris


Dr. Amanda Waller

Kilowog (voice)

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Initial Reactions


  • I enjoyed the film … a lot, but I thought they were all over the place


  • I loved the movie. Period. Moving on ...


  • I loved it. I know there were some bad reviews, but halfway through I was thinking about what was going to be on the DVD

Standout Moments or Characters

Noob Standouts:

  • Hector Hammond stuff was unnecessary, too much for the average movie goer, too much jumping around
  • Sinestro was well played
  • Were was Hal’s growth into a Green Lantern?

Glenn's Standouts:

  • Mark Strong was exactly what Glenn pictured him as a Green Lantern
  • Ryan Reynolds did a good job as Hal Jordan
  • Blake Lively was replaceable but did a solid job
  • Voice acting from Michael Duncan Clarke and Geoffrey Rush

X’s Standouts:

  • I was afraid of it being Van Wilder in space and it was to a point, but they made it work
  • Hal Jordan saw some in trouble and acted, took a second when he noticed it was a dying purple alien but acted.

Geek Nirvana

  • Abin Sur was portrayed as a chump whose battle strategy was run away! FAIL!
  • How cool was EVERYTHING on Oa! They needed to spend more time on Hal’s training.
  • How did they do all the green screen stuff on this movie?
  • Blake Lively was alright, but totally replaceable.
  • Tim Robbins was on screen to collect a check. FAIL!
  • Movie Prequel Comic with Tomar Re leads into the very first scene of the movie, Not mandatory … but cool tie-in nonetheless.
  • Explanation of why the Planet Ryut is important in DC Comics.
  • X’s Note: Krona was the actual Guardian banished to Ryut in DC Comics Continuity, but he didn’t become Parralax!
  • What is with the orange popcorn salt nowadays?
  • Amanda Waller was not a run of the mill scientist. She is supposed to be bad ass. FAIL!
  • Would it have killed you to mention Metropolis or Gotham City? FAIL!

Easter Eggs

  • Carol Fenris call sign was “Saphire” and she had a Violet Lantern Corps symbol on her helmet.
  • Green Lantern Appearances: Bzzd, Boodikka, Stel and Salaak
  • Sinestro puts on the Yellow Lantern Ring and his uniform turns yellow. NICE!
  • Noob’s note: Although the story behind the Yellow Power ring had a makeshift origin in the movie. FAIL!

Final Thoughts

  • Noob:
  • It was good and entertaining, but just good.
  • Glenn:
  • I loved it and I am going to go see it a second time.
  • I am wearing a Green Lantern Tee-Shirt right not, I wore it when I went to see the movie
  • X:
  • I wore my Green Lantern Power Ring, My five-year-old son Vasili wore his Green Lantern Power Ring. My ten-year-old daughter Eleni wore her Indigo Tribe Power Ring and my fifteen-year-old son Danis wanted to sit in another car.

Rating (Midnight Release = 5, Opening Weekend = 4, Matinee = 3, DVD = 2, Wait for TV = 1)




Opening Weekend

Midnight Release

Midnight Release

Combined Rating =  
Low Midnight Release

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