“I Discovered Fire”
Question Sheet

Name: _____________________________

1. Where is he?  

2. Describe his surroundings in this place with 3 examples.




3.  Why did he come to the Stone Age?

4. How does he communicate with the tribe?

5. Describe the appearance of the Neanderthals by stating 3 examples.




6. What was the tribe all gathered around? What were they doing with it?

7.  What are the names and ages of the people in the tribe that he knows? (5 of them)

8. What created the pieces of burning bark?

9. What did they use the fire for?  

10. What was the problem they faced with fire on the hunt?

11. What animal were they hunting? List 1 characteristic of this animal.

12. Describe how they hunted the giant beast.

13. What was the strategy to actually kill the beasts?

14. Why was the first hunt unsuccessful?

16. What did Munga use to try to close the gash on Unga’s shoulder?  

17. What did he discover about this substance?

18. How did he make Unga and Munga understand what he had discovered?  

19. Describe what happened on the second hunt.  

20. What did he find in the bushes after the second hunt?