When you share personal data with a friend on Facebook you also share it with the Facebook apps your friend uses.  Read that again.

That’s right.  When the price is free regard yourself as the product.

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Code and development

Learn to program in ruby - online resources

I am on a quest to find a way to learn children and youngsters to code.

Below is linked 3 beginners' guides to Ruby.

Why Ruby?  Why not?  I don't think it is The Best language to start with but it is among top 10.  I believe the teaching resources are more important than the language in this phase.

- http://hackety.com        

- http://tryruby.org/levels/1/challenges/0        

- http://www.codecademy.com/#!/exercises/2

Xsd2code - generate simple classes from xml (win)

Have you ever written yet another class that is used for not much more than keeping a bunch of getters and setters?  Have you ever made this task even more tedious by having to supply IObservable to everything and then top it of with collections/lists to make a small graph of information?

Have you ever thought that there must be a better way?

The F/OSS solution linked below converts an XSD to classes.  Much like the old, now deprecated, XSD.exe but with dotnet 3.5 output.  And open source so it can be extended.

I have written at least two similar solutions (but not as extensive), some that take their input from a database and one that takes from XML.

It is not a bad workaround for writing mechanical code manually.

Oyeah - it integrates with Visualstudio


Free e-books from Microsoft and Ibis online ebook reader

Microsoft has several books free for download.

If they are in pdf (or another proprietary format) just convert them (gratis&online).

I keep them in Ibis reader so I can get to them from any browser.

Ibisreader is an open source project so if you feel uncomfortable with storing your data in USA, feel free to host it yourself.  And update it.  O'Reilly used to have a gratis online ebook reader and it was based on Ibis.

There is a rumour (i.e. I haven't checked it's validity) that companies with Volume license agreement have the possibility to download MSPress ebooks too.




Working with Forks on GitHub or CodePlex

I understand why Git is popular. It requires a bit of new thinking if you come from CVS/SVN/TFS or any other "traditional" SCM.

Github has a good starting page to get set up but the workflow isn't described. I have yet to find such a good place but I write about the best I find meanwhile.

- http://lostechies.com/jimmybogard/2012/04/02/working-with-forks-on-github-or-codeplex        

Web app code lab (javascript)

If you want to to a nice looking web app with rounded corners, reference javascript libs and an HTML5 buzzword or two but don't know where to start and have 4 hours over the link below might be something.

It goes through, step by step, the construction of a site sans server.  The MVC framework is Ember which uses Ajax so I guess any server solution will do.

The 12 excercises, ending up in 4 hours, look simple enough.

The whole thing is on github so it is easy to take it further.


Small pieces of javascript - lib or short scripts

The site linked below contains small pieces of javascript functions.  Less than 140 bytes, non-unicode, to be exact.

I linked to a couple of functions for creating ISO dates - something that is lacking natively in most programming languages.  Yes, the code is hard to read when compacted such but there is a link "see original gist" to get the commented version.

Also note that gists are ~the same as repos in the git world.  And that repos can be forked easily.  This makes it easy to set up a page like this; check the 3 steps at the main page.


Try F# online (win)

If you didn't install F# with Visual studio, or don't have Visual studio, but is curious about functional programming in general or F# exact just surf the link below and start hacking.

I have some hours in functional programming due to my education and have seen the goodness of it. If you for instance like chaining lambda expressions in C# with linq, you have already touched the surface of functional programming.

F# runs in dotnet and speaks well with C# and Vbnet.  This means that one can write the GUI in C# and chosen logic in F#.  Best of both worlds.


New stuff for Devops in Visualstudio11 (win)

I have since a long time believed in moving development and operations closer each other.  I remember the early days in a project gone bad and we had more of a DMZ than Communication between Us Developers and Them ITPros.

Since a few years have I had the opportunity to do operations myself on my own projects and have come to a few conclusions (in no particular order and not complete)

* Update to new stuff.  As soon as you can.  You have to pay the price anyway.

* Automate as much as you can; tests, deployment, wadyagot

* Use and abuse your version management system.  And learn it.

* You can never have too many machines for various task.

* Pay your technical debt as soon as you can.

Below is linked some other thoughts, together with how Visualstudio11 fits in.  There are several tools for tracking and measuring a live system with coming Visualstudio.

Readworth for a quick overview of new stuff devops-wise in Visualstudio11.


Develop for Android on the Android

I tried this some years ago on WinCE.  It sucked.

MAnaya says it better himself:


     In the downside, typing code using the touchscreen 

     might suck harder than a black hole. Might be a good 

     solution for hotfixes or to pass the time in case you 

     are forced to watch any of the twilight movies. 



Tipthanks MAnaya

Products and releases

Quick and dirty HTML - pastebin for HTML + easy hosting for simple HTML stuff

Below is linked a site I stumbled on that might come in handy if one needs some HTML out there quickly at once without hesitation omedelbart.

It is like Pastebin but with HTML and the result is a fully working page.  Just like Pastebin signing in makes it possible to edit the page again and again.  It can do some formatted text and markdown but I haven't investigated.


Running Android apps in Windows

As the head line says.




Tipthanks LarsFj

Raspberry Pi passed EMC tests

There were doubts about Raspberrypi passing EMC tests in Europe.  EMC stands for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and is about gadgets not interfering with each other.

The order books for Raspberrypi are still over filled so we still have to wait.  But not in vain at least.


Cheap prothetics

Why are all prothetics expensive? For one they are expected to work 99.9999% of the time. Every time you lose a trailing nine you defrease the price tenfold. For second they are developed by companies that want to earn money; companies in the industrial world for people in the industrial world.

It is a shame poor people can't have prosthetics just because people in the west are rich.

It doesn't have to be this way.

If a hand-hook just works 99.9% of the time it still means a lot of time for the user. Especially contrary to having no hand-hook at all.



Disruptor - F/OSS high speed messaging lib

I looked at some message queue systems and was struck by them being slow.  Later I listened to a podcast where Disruptor was presented.  It was a speedy message queue system written in Java.

There are both swings and roundabouts in a market so there are certainly drawbacks.  For one it is inter-thread which implies it runs in only one process; Hello speed, goodbye versatility.

During my initial googlewithbing for message queue systems I ended up at a pub with a friend who has worked with message queue systems for several years.  He said "Hack your own.".  Unless you have very special needs it isn't very difficult - just read up on transactions (in the database) first.



Filesanywhere - gratis storage on the internet

Gratis storage is becoming common today, especially with the rumours of Google entering said space and Dropbox increasing their gratis offering.

What differs with Filesanywhere is twofold.  1) there is a GUI with folders and 2) the IT guys haven't found it yet so you can still use it even though you work with Landstinget, or similar official company.

I haven't tried it but I have a customer who has.  "The simplest way to work around the clueless IT guys."


Calligra v2.4 - F/OSS office suite

Why would you need something other than MSOffice?

My reply is: Why would you need MSOffice?

it goes downhill from there.

Below is linked a list of 12 bullets where Libreoffice is better than Word. Which is the preferred is up to each and one.

- http://www.calligra.org/        

- http://www.datamation.com/applications/how-libreoffice-writer-tops-ms-word-12-features-1.html        

Openmap - open map alternativw

When Google started charging money for more-than-normal use other players saw light. I guess Microsoft's map site saw increased traffic but more did Openmap.

Now, what makes Openmap cool is its open nature. It is fed by the community so anyone is free to add data. Compare it to Wikipedia that is fed the same way and has risen to be the #1 source of ots kind on the web.

- http://www.openstreetmap.org/        

Security, privacy and rights

Safe Browsing Tool | WOT (Web of Trust)

Here is the problem:

How do you know how to trust a site?

There are several clues and I know the lion share of them.  But I don't know all.

Then we have the unicode URL with similar-but-not-same letters that will fool me even though I know of the trick.

Enter my computer illiterate mother or a 5 year old who really really want to check out that Barbie.  How do They know a site is fraud?

There is something called Web of trust and it works by… by… find out yourself; Scott Hanselman says it is good and I trust him.  He shows a site selling fake garment for a well known brand.  I don't even know if they ship anything or just keep the money and keep on for as long as they can.

- http://www.mywot.com/

- http://www.hanselman.com/blog/TechnicalAnalysisTheAbercrombieAndFitchBrownPantsFiascoSplogsAndYou.aspx


Playing a song on teacups

I once sailed with a man who had composed a piece for a metal bowl half filled with water.

Yesterday I found this youtube clip of a professional tea boy playing tunes on tea cups.

Wonder what the future brings...


Electrical bicycle

Quite a price tag but oh so sexy.

I don't know how many charges the batteries can handle and the temperature ranges.

A wile ago I saw an ordinary scooter but electrical.  I know the looks of the scooter - it normally runs on petrol and has a >50cc engine.  This time quiet and still looking nice.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to stop the driver/owner to ask him where he had got it.


Good old games - a site for… good old games

Below is linked a site for selling <drumroll/> old games.  On a podcast I heard that Fallout was gratis for a week.  By the time of linking it was 3 USD.  Before that 6 USD.  It's is more than a fair price for a game I think.

Far Cry is 10 USD.

For the moment (or at night really) I play Monkey Island 2 on Ipad; but then I am a Tim Schafer fanboy.


Learn to pronounce Korean writing in 15 minutes

According to the author, Korean script language is made up.  All(?) the rules to decipher the characters can be read in just a few minutes.  Learning takes longer but the author has some mnemonics to aid.


Vertikal hydrokultur att hänga i fönster - och ett läckert hus

Jag bor i lägenhet. Jag studsar mellan att vilja ha hus och trädgård att påta i på våren och att bo kvar och slippa tvånget.  Inomhusodling, vertikal odling och hydrokultur kan vara en lämplig kompromiss.  Lägg till att man får återanvända gamla petflaskor och installera en akvariepump som ger mig svepskäl att äntligen köpa en Arduino.

Nedan länkas just det.

Huset som länkas nedan passar inte ihop med hydrokultur på det sättet.  Det passar ihop med odlingar och jord och mormödrar som luktar kanelbullar.  Och hober.

- http://konstruktioner.info/

http://fonsterodling.wikispaces.com/        <- wiki för konstruktioner

http://www.simondale.net/house/index.htm     <- huset

Programmable watch at Kickstarter

I believe I was 12 when I designed my first programmable watch.  This was back in the black/silvergrey LCD days but I foresaw better resolution and x buttons and everything programmable.  I have since then kept the idea alive but unfortunately never put my back to it.

So when someone else does it.  And shows it on the intertoobs.  And tries to finance it through Kickstarter I am all ears (and left arm).

Unfortunately the pledges for the developer edition is already sold out; but that also means there are more than I out there who believe in watch nerdvana.

They have an estimated delivery date in September but I believe due to the interest it will be delayed.


Which reminds me - someone nice at my company is trying to order a bunch of Raspberry Pis.  Yay!

Tipthanks Stiff

Small 3D printer/CNC mill

3D printers will make an imprint as big as the internet.

Below is linked a small one. Free, gratis or just cheap, check for youself.

- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19891        

Derezzed played on disk drives

Possibly the coolest musical instrument + choice of tune ever.

Scroll down to the youtube clip.