The content collection is now searchable, making it easier to find files in content collections that contain numerous files and multiple layers of folders.

Quick Search

The fastest option searches the content collection by file name.  This is helpful if you know the exact name of the file you are searching for, or at least a keyword that is included in the file name.  To perform a quick search:

  1. Click the Content Collection tab at the top of Blackboard.
  2. Enter the keyword or filename in the search field in the left frame, then click Go.

  1. If the search term(s) match the name of a file name in your content collection, the file and its location will be displayed.

Basic Search

Basic search enables scanning the contents of a file for keywords.  This is especially helpful when you do not know the exact file name, but do know several keywords that appear within the document.  This type of search only applies to text-based files, such as .txt, .docx, and some .pdf documents.

  1. Within the content collection, click the Basic Search button in the left frame.
  2. Enter the keyword to search.
  3. Check the Search File Contents box.

  1. Click Submit.  Your file and file location will be displayed.

Note: Searching through file contents leads to longer search times, as it requires analyzing all words within text documents in your content collection.  Recently added files may not be immediately searchable.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page allows you to set search criteria and filters to narrow search results.

  1. Click Advanced Search in the left frame of the content collection.
  2. Enter the keyword to search.  Select to Search File Contents if desired.
  3. Set advanced search criteria, as needed:

  1. Search From:  Limit the search to specific areas of your content collection, such as the collection linked to a specific course.
  2. Size: Search only for files smaller than or larger than a specific size.  This is helpful when searching for only large files, such as audio or video.
  3. Username:  Search only for files created or edited by a specific user.
  4. Dates:  Search for files created or edited on, before, or after a specific date.

  1. Once options have been set, click Submit to perform the search.  If successful, your file and file location will be displayed.