Project Title: Copyright and Creative Commons

Standards Met:


5A Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology

IGCSE ICT Learning Outcomes

6A Explain what is meant by software copyright

Enduring Understanding:

To have an understanding of copyright and Creative Commons - what they are, how they protect our works and, for reuse, what the procedures are for each.

Essential Questions:

  • How do I go about ethically using the work of somebody else?
  • How do I go about protecting my own work from improper use?
  • What is Creative Commons and how does it work?

N.B. I intend to sequence this unit after the unit The Effects of Using ICT and thus am assuming students have already set up their own blogs and RSS readers.



By the end of each cycle for four cycles, you will need to write a blog post on a given topic or question relating to copyright and/or Creative Commons. You will also be required to write a comment each cycle on a blog post of one of your peers.

Role and Situation:

You are a grade ten student eager to learn about copyright and Creative Commons through your own learning network.


The target audience in the short term is your peers and teacher. However, later this may grow to include other members of your learning network, friends and even family.


In order to have an understanding of copyright and Creative Commons, you will add to your learning network four blog posts that discuss a range of questions on the topics.

Six Facets of Understanding:

A student who really understands can...


Explain copyright and Creative Commons through a series of blog posts.


Write a ‘biography’ of the development of Creative Commons.


Embed media that have been licensed for reuse into blog posts - not forgetting to acknowledge the creators.

Have perspective:

Recognise the advantages and disadvantages in current copyright law and echo this in a blog post.


Have self-knowledge: