Pine Island Nursery was founded in 1972 by owner and President Colleen H. Boggs. The fifty acre family owned and operated farm is located twenty-five miles southwest of downtown Miami in an upland pine habitat for which the nursery was named. The property is one of the largest privately owned natural forest communities remaining in Miami-Dade County, and we replanted more than 2,500 pine trees after the complete annihilation of the primary forest by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The pine trees are now over forty feet tall, and the restored forest is beginning to look like the way it did prior to the hurricane.

The business began as a wholesale supplier of rare palms, fine indoor foliage, and fruit trees, and today the product line is exclusively tropical fruit, nut, and spice trees. The nursery serves commercial fruit growers, landscapers, garden centers, and the public directly. Our primary market is Florida, but we hold the necessary certifications to ship plants to all 50 states and Canada. We also remain an active exporter to the Caribbean, Latin America, and other countries around the world where it is possible and practical to send live trees.

Our mission is to provide growers with the highest quality commercially viable fruit trees in the world, while offering landscapers and homeowners the finest selections of rare and unusual fruit trees suitable to more suburban environments. We aim to provide a safe and happy workplace for our employees, and to provide a pleasurable experience for our customers all while remaining environmentally responsible.

Our Staff:

Colleen Boggs

President, retired

Erik Tietig

Vice President

Ron van Gageldonk

Payables and Receivables

Neil Lungstrm, Head Grower

Francisco Arreola

Outside Sales

Camelia Elias

Outside Sales

Jose Linares

Outside Sales

Maxi Ramos

Outside Sales