Metrolina Library Association.  Minutes of the Board Meeting, 5-18-2011        2



WED. MAY 18TH, 2011, 2 P.M.

Central Piedmont Community College, Harris Campus, Building I room 1226

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte

Board agenda and meeting were brief this month, and segued into the Information Literacy Committee meeting with few or no Board members leaving.  Below are consolidated notes from both meetings.

Board Members Present: Valerie Freeman, Cheryl Ann Coyle, Seth Allen, Denelle Eads, Joe Eshleman, Judy Geczi, Beth Martin, Frank Newton. 

Board Members Absent: Melinda Livas, Joli McClelland, Lauralee McDonald, LaJuan Pringle, Doug Short.

1. Minutes of Last Board Meeting.  Minutes of the April Board meeting were approved with one correction, to add New Life Theological Seminary to the list of possible libraries to be included in the Library Crawl (#4b in last month's minutes).

2. Treasurer's Report.  Doug (who was unable to be present) distributed his report earlier today by e-mail.  Thanks to registrations for MILC, our balance has risen from $7,957.74 last month to $9,430.28 this month.

3. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference (Thurs. June 16th, Johnson and Wales). 

(a) Upstairs/downstairs -- Lunch will be on the bottom floor at Johnson & Wales, then poster session on the 5th floor, then keynote speech on the bottom floor.  Board was doubtful of being able to obtain a usable and big enough room for poster sessions on a lower floor of the building.  There are two elevators, and stairs.  (Elevator(s) broke at last year's Information Literacy Conference at the same site, but was or were repaired pretty promptly.)  People will be able to look at the posters which will be already set up during the morning sessions, and we hope that that will generate interest for people to come up to the fifth floor for the sessions after lunch when the presenters give the talks that go with the posters.

(b) Buttons -- Valerie passed around two designs by Joli which were approved.  We can have 100 buttons made for $25.

(c) Conference evaluations -- Board decided to place blank eveluations in the rooms where the tracks (sessions) will be held.  They may be color-coded for each room.

(d) Door prizes -- A couple of books have been donated which will be given away.  Additional possibilities include tote bags, and gift certificates to Artisan Restaurant at the Art Institute of Charlotte.

(e) Folders or packets -- will contain button, conference agenda, flier from Neal-Schumann, MLA brochure, name badge, possibly flier on fall workshop, T-shirt.

(f) Introducers for the presenters (track or session chairs) -- will be Cheryl Ann, Frank, Judy, Seth, and possibly Joli.

(g) Registration table -- will be staffed by Joe and Seth.  There will be a "registration part 2" for people only registered for the keynote.

(h) Start time -- Breakfast will be at 8 a.m., and presenters also will be asked to arrive at 8 a.m.  This is a little earlier than last year.  It would be great if as many Board members as possible, but especially people working the registration table, can come before 8, between 7:30 and 7:45.

(i) Tote bags -- Valerie will price tote bags.  Since buttons and T-shirts will be giveaways for conference attenders, we are thinking of charging a modest fee for tote bags.  If we'd need to charge over $3.50, we'll probably scrap the tote bag idea.

(j) T-shirts -- Valerie will work on these using badge designs and the Metrolina logo.  Board members can wear T-shirts on Conference day.

(k) Assignments -- Valerie to work on T-shirts, and investigate (price) tote bags.  Cheryl Ann to bring folders & badges and introduce speakers in one of the tracks.  Denelle (as previously noted) to be the Conference photographer.  Jean to meet our keynote speaker Kee Malesky at the airport.  Joe to work registration table.  Seth to work registration table and introduce speakers in one of the tracks.  Frank, Judy, and possibly Joli to introduce speakers in the remaining tracks.

4. Meeting on Mon. June 13th, 2 p.m.  Some Board members will gather at that time to assemble the Conference packets.

5. Board Members Leaving the Area This Summer.  Valerie reported that Judy Geczi will be moving to St. Louis in July, and Lauralee McDonald will also be leaving the area.  -- Valerie plans to use the mike at the Information Literacy Conference to make an announcement appeal ing for anyone interested in joining the Board to contact her, and Seth will add a similar announce ment to our web site.

6. Next Board Meeting will be Wed. Aug. 17th at 2 p.m., hopefully at the same location (CPCC Harris Campus).

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton

MLA Secretary