Credit Recovery - English 1A

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the important skills of writing effectively and clearly. These skills are essential to success in college, business, and life. This course will help you develop the technical writing skills and confidence to use those skills in communicating your ideas and thoughts in written form. The main focus is to provide you with the ability to master essential grammatical concepts that will prepare you for more advanced English courses.  You will learn to use the Internet to communicate and will explore mass media and gain an understanding of journalism and advertising practices.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the Internet
  • Explore Mass Media: Journalism and Advertising Techniques
  • Apply Reading Strategies

Course Outline


Unit I: Internet Communication

Unit II: Mass Media: Getting the News

Unit III: Offering Opinions

Unit IV: Advertising

Unit V: Conclusion

Feature List

Test pools, practice activities, audio, tutorials, video and interactive questions. Course includes mini-projects utilizing components of read, write, listen and speak.

Required Materials