Evening, All. Its been a busy day. My first day out after the floods. It was CRAZY DAY in BELLINGEN. That’s a simple celebration and I truly enjoyed this one which had stalls out on the footpath and shopkeepers wearing odd outfits. It wasn’t quite as splendid as Grafton’s jacaranda festival but then Grafton is a CITY. A far bigger proposition. And it wasn’t as hectic as it has been in other years because the Markets down at the Footie Ground had been cancelled due to wet grounds after the floods.

To me, that gave today a simplicity that I really enjoyed.No EVENT MANAGERS who seem able to destroy most of our country celebrations. Far fewer buses bringing in people from hundreds of kilometres away. One reason for that is that the Pacific Highway is still closed to traffic due to the floods. Even way back in the 1950s, the Highway was NEVER cut for this long.

Today felt like early CRAZY DAYS and brought with it, for me, memories of the AZALEA FESTIVALS and the URUNGA SPORTS WEEK parades.  Simple good fun.

I  ordered a skirt from BELLOBORN DESIGNS and Mopsy had a baby Cino and Izzy had a $10 iridology reading.  

Best thing about today was just to be walking around my hometown with happy people having a good time.  Watching the 5th Generation child of Bellingen walking the same streets as her mother, grandfather, great grandfather and more - well - that might be crazy - crazy in the best of ways.