(Looks Like this except for different coloration, as noted below)

Name: Kriv Mizzian
Race: Dragonborn
Age: 38
Appearance: Is a Dragonborn, thus is essentially half dragon, half human, minus the tail and flight-giving wings.  Has Black Scales and red eyes.
Equipment: Black mixed scale mail and plate armor with a red cloth cape.  

Red for Fire + Black For Death: Shuang Dao Swords (splits into two swords), that are capable of being lit aflame by Kriv’s Dragon Breath ability.  When he is within range of Finde, however, the fire becomes holy fire.

Black Longsword, Black Javelin.  Backpack containing a bedroll, Flint and Steel, Rope and Grappling Hook, Hammer and 10 Pitons, 2 Sunrods, Waterskin, 10 one day rations and a Tent; Belt with a pouch for gold/currency.  Also carries a pipe (for smoking).
Personality: Has a penchant for shiny objects, loves the thrill of battle.  Extremely protective of the half-elf cleric who raised him, Findecáno Sindanárië, or Finde.
Allegiance: House Black
Profession: Paladin of Erathis
Powers / Skills / Abilities / Talents:
Dragon Breath (Fire) – Kriv is able to breathe fire from his mouth for an attack in a cone in front of him.

Hurl Breath - Kriv is able to hurl his Dragon Breath in a specific area ahead of him, rather than in a cone in front of him.

Ardent Vow – Kriv is able to draw on unwavering faith and inner strength to strike a foe with divine fury, for extra damage.  Usable 3 times a day, but once per combat round.
Ardent Strike – Kriv is able to focus the anger of Erathis into an attack on an enemy, dealing extra damage.

Divine Pursuit - Kriv is able to push a foe back with a mighty attack and follow it to prevent its escape.  May only be used once per combat encounter.

Blood of the Mighty - Kriv draws on his own life force, which makes him take some damage, to deal a heavy blow to the opponent.  May only be used once per day.
Bless Weapon - Kriv is able to, once per day, recite an ancient prayer to Erathis to imbue one of his weapons with divine power.
Strength from Valor – Kriv is able to, once per combat encounter, attack all enemies around him and regain a small amount of health from each successful attack.
Unrelenting Punishment – Kriv is able to, once per day, attack a foe and make it take ongoing damage from a divine source, until they can resist it, which heals Kriv a small amount each time they take it.
Valiant Rush - Kriv is able to, once per combat encounter, rush into battle with twice the speed he normally moves at towards an enemy within his line of sight.
Force of Arms - Kriv is able to channel his entire spirit into a powerful attack, once per combat encounter.
Dragonborn Fury – When Kriv takes enough damage, his attacks get stronger and more powerful.

Dragonborn Zeal - When Kriv overcomes a grievous wound by strength of will he becomes empowered and gains strength from his pain.
Divine Challenge – Kriv is able to make the enemy have to attack him only if he successfully attacked them before, if they don’t want to take extra damage.
Biography: Kriv was hatched in the town of Morna on the North Western Shores of Emrolus, from the aide of a young Half-Elf cleric to be, named Findecáno Sindanárië, or just Finde.  Finde, was the primary caretaker of Kriv, and as the two grew up in Morna, they performed various tasks assigned to them by the clerics and abbots.

Soon, Kriv and Finde grew up into what they aspired to be, Paladin and Cleric of Erathis respectively. Together the two set off on a traveling pilgrimage to spread the will of their Goddess. Things didn’t go quite as planned. First they stumbled upon, and saved, a Drow Thief. One thing lead to another and they came together to form Team Seaslug! or was it Army of Dorkness? Either way, Saga of Nameless Lands happened, blah blah blah Giant worms, blah blah blah R, blah blah blah Ramza’s a ubiquitous being sitting in the midst of a clearing by a waterfall drinking Tea.