Article 1:  Name:  The name of this non profit organization shall be the North Columbia Heights Civic Association (NCHCA) and it shall include the area of Northwest District of Columbia bounded by the east side of GEORGIA AVENUE, the north side of Spring Road, the west side of 16TH STREET, and the south side of Irving ROAD.

Article :  Purposes:        The purposes of NCHCA are the following:

  1. Promote the area of North Columbia Heights as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic neighborhood that supports stability, safety and local improvements and assist in making the area a pleasant place to live and work
  2. Work with the government of Washington, D.C. to provide information of the needs, desires, feelings and interests of the served community; to represents the interests of the served community; and to influence and foster educational development through members and businesses.
  3. Link to the members of the local business AND ARTS community to encourage site improvement, beautification projects AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH.
  4. Encourage homeowners/landlords to maintain properties.
  5. Support local schools AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS in community and civic programs.
  8. Promote friendship, neighborly feeling and social contacts among its members.

Article 3:  Membership:

  1. Members full/voting membership is open to all residents and members of the business community within the area served by the NCHCA who are 18 years of age or older, willing to subscribe to the purpose and bylaws of the organization upon full payment of annual dues.
  2. Dues:  Annual dues, payable in advance, shall be determined by the executive committee and accepted by the membership by a simple majority of all members at the January meeting of the membership year.
  3. Membership Year:  The membership years shall begin in September at the first regular meeting of the NCHCA as scheduled by the Executive Committee and run until the subsequent year’s first meeting.
  4. Associate Members:  Associate Membership shall be open to all interested parties who reside outside the boundaries of NCHCA who have an interest in the operations of the organization; those living within the boundaries but under the age of 18.  Associate Members may speak at meetings and participate in activities but have no voting rights.

Article 4:        Organization:

The governing body of the NCHCA shall consist of members of the Executive Committee (see below) and the heads of the standing committees (non-voting).  All elected officers will serve three year terms.

The Executive Committee shall consist of,

Article 5:  Meetings of the Association:

  1. Regular meetings of the NCHCA shall be BImonthly from September through June on the same day of each month (e.g. first Wednesday) as determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the voting members at the September meeting of the years by simple majority.
  2. Election of Officers:  Offices for the new year shall be nominated and elected at the November meeting of the year.
  3. Annual General Meeting:  The November meetings of the year shall be considered the Annual General Membership meeting and shall include on its order of business general reports by the heads of the standing committee on past programs and plans for the future.
  4. A quorum shall consist of five (5) members.

Responsibility of Officers:


        The President shall preside at all meeting of the Association at which he or she is present, unless the Association shall direct otherwise; shall appoint all committees, special and standing.


All Officers shall make reports to the President when requested, and their reports shall be by the President, submitted to the Association.  The President shall be required to take all necessary measures for maintaining order and efficiency in the management of all affairs and all its departments.

        The President shall appoint one of the members to fill any temporary vacancy until the return of the absentee or until a successor may be elected to complete the term of the missing officer.

Vice President(s):

        The Vice President(s) shall discharge the duties assigned to the President in the case of the President’s absence or disability, vacancy in the office, or as the Association shall so direct.


        The Treasurer shall be the overseer of all the funds of the Association and shall oversee the deposit or invest said funds as the Association may direct.  The Treasurer shall keep all necessary accounts and vouchers, subject at all times to such inspection and audit as the Association may direct, and shall make a report to the Association at each regular meeting, wherein the Treasurer shall show the amount of money on hand and the receipts and disbursements since the preceding meeting.


        The Secretary shall keep a correct record of all minutes of the meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee, make them available to the membership, and perform other such duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Association or Executive Committee.

Members At Large:

        The Members at Large shall reflect the general consensus of the membership and be available to assist the other elected officers in the fulfillment of their duties.

Article 7:  Bylaws

        The Bylaws of the Association (the administrative implementation of the Constitution) will be presented to the Membership at the first regular meeting after approval of the Constitution, and shall be approved by a simple majority of those present.

Article 8:  Amendments:

        The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds of those present at any regular meeting, provided that notice of the meeting and the businesses to be transacted are provided and made available to each resident member at least twenty days in advance of the meeting.