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(initial source: Create original artwork, play back drawing and modify existing artwork Create original modern art with unique abstract brushes Create artwork in the style of Pablo Picasso Create tesselations and geometric pattern out of your photos Create sand art. The Art Zone. Create many styles of art (Collage, brushes, many more) Viscosity, a modern art creator Artisit's Toolkit. Watch Demo, Find Examples, Create your own! Multi-User online whiteboard BrainPop rotates a few free movies as a service and selling point. Draw and animate online, easily embed in class page or blog. Registration optional. Draw, paint online Simple drawing online. Check out the bomb that clears the page. Create art in the style of Jackson Pollock Art Games Draw and paint online. Use gestures and brush strokes. Draw online, easily replay illustration. Art Glossary Use Crayola tools such as crayons, markers, colored pencils  Art terms glossary Online draw and paint. Playback drawing Online abstract expressionism Incredibox. Create a loop, a beat or a chorus with human beatboxers Virtual Keyboard Online music streaming Game, learn notes (Download) Teach notes, rhythm Create multi-track songs My pop studio- create a pop star ,  and Online Karaoke BrainPop rotates a few free movies as a service and selling point. Virtual Drum Machine. Control tempo, beat and pitch Free Sheet Music and music pieces

Tablet PC Music Composition Tool Create songs on sheet music, the tool will play it back. Some sample songs included.

(Collection) "The Best Places To Create Music Online" Blog Post by 'Websites of the Day" Create music online, learn to read music record your creation Hand Symphony, American Heart Association Create lyrics for a fiddling beaver Another virtual piano. Rich sound, record songs.

Monster Band Students point and click to play instruments, control lighting and change the costuming of a Monster Band.

Ten Interactive Music Games

San Francisco Orchestra Interactive lessons on parts of an orchestra, kids can play music Awesome video loco-motor/non loco-motor movement My Pyramid For Kids Tech-Savvy PE teacher and program BrainPop rotates a few free movies as a service and selling point. Fantastic Food Challenge  Five Top You Tube Sports Moments For 2009

Caffeine Poster: Compare the amount of caffeine in popular drinks Interactive, elementary student friendly site to educate students about health and nutrition Visual representation of the amount of the amount of sugar

35 Best Dance Sequences in Film (Blog Post)

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