Create a screen name that you can remember BUT doesn’t make it easy for the public to know who you are, how old you are, your gender or other identifying information.

A combination of numbers and letters works well. Choose numbers that are meaningful to you so that it makes it easy for you to remember - and letters can stand for something that makes it easy for you to remember.

e.g.  ttls195  could be remembered as “twinkle twinkle little star” and 195 could be the month/year you were born [Jan. 1995].  Inserting the numbers between the letters is also a good possibility:  t1t9ls5.

Provocative names do just that: provoke! Screen names and email names that suggest that you are of a particular gender or are sexually suggestive invite others to view you that way resulting in possible unwanted emails or harassing messages.

prettygirl25 is more suggestive than soccerfan or gymrat.

Be creative, yet safe.

Check with your parents or a trusted adult to help create the perfect email/ screen name for you. Test it out with your friends before committing it to cyberspace.