Transcript- Lab C

(To Group of Students)

Alright, 3 passes and then clear off to the side

(To Connor)

No shooting Connor

(To Class)

Alright guys, can we bring it back in over here? 5..4..3..2..1.... Alright good morning guys, My name is Mr. Jones I’ll be taking over for Mr. Torres to complete this part of our tchoukball lesson. Today we’re going to be focusing a lot of passing, so that’s why I had you do the three man weave. Tchoukball is a big game about teamwork and passing. I have a presentation over here to show you guys.

Tchoukball was created in Switzerland as Mr. Torres said in his last lesson, by Dr. Hermann Brandt. He saw it as the perfect team sport because the risk of injury was a lot lower than in other team sports. Some basic rules are that there’s no defense played, its 6 vs 6, there’s a restricted zone underneath the basket but we’re not going to worry about that today, and you can take a maximum of two steps with the ball. Tchoukball is played throughout the world, it’s most popular in Europe. In 2000 a World Tournament was held in Geneva to celebrate the 30 year anniversary, and in England it’s one of the most popular sports today. The main skills you’ve got to work on are passing, shooting, and rebounding. And I’ve got a short video to give you guys a look at what tchoukball is all about. In the game of tchoukball you can actually score on both trampolines, there’s not a certain one you need to score on you can go to either one. It has to hit the ground in order to score a point. The defenders just work the angles to see where the rebound is going to go and try to catch it.

Ive just got some main class rules to go over before we get started. Rule number one is to respect others, repect equipment and have fun. My signal for attention is going to be my voice so if you hear me stop, look, and listen for further instructions. So now we’re going to go back into our three man weave but this tiime we’re going to incorporate the shooting and rebounding aspect of it. So a couple of cues to remember when doing the three man weave with passing is you’re going to want to step in opposition, lead your target, and follow your pass. So lets say you’re in the center and you pass it to the left, you’re going to want to follow to the left and cut behind them. You always want to cut behind them so you don’t get hit with the ball.

So lets get Justin, George, and Greg out here to work on a demo. We’re going to go with just chest passes today. Notice how they lead the target.

(to George, Greg and Justin)

Now you’re going to do the same thing and take the shot after 3 passes

There’s going to be a lot of balls flying around today so I want everyone to be aware of their surroundings.

(to Sarah)

Is there a question?

There’s no way you guys can just work through it today?

Why don’t you give it a try?

(to class)

Alright so I want you guys to get back into your groups of 3. Remember again, balls will be flying everywhere so please just look out for your surroundings.

And when you’re done going through the drill I want you to clear off to the side so the other groups can go. So go back to your groups, remember you’re getting the rebound.

(to group)

Remember to clear to the sides, good job guys.

You’re taking the shot, good job!

(to Eric)

Eric, you see how Justin is taking the shot from the right side? You’re going to want to go to the left side to play the angle of the rebound. That was good though.

(to another group)

You’re trying to slam it off the backboard, you’re not trying to make a basket. You got the right idea.

(to Class)

Alright, everybody stop for a second, I want you guys to come over and watch Eric, Justin, and Sara. They are doing a really good job of following their pass, stepping in opposition, and leading their target.

Notice how they are stepping in opposition and following behind their target.

So I want you guys to go back and focus on those three cues we talked about.

(to Will and Connor)

Will and Connor I want you guys to get in your group and start going, alright?

(to George)

Good, but you’re going to want to cut behind your target.

(to Alex)

Good Job!

(to George)

Just chest passes, good job cutting behind him though!

(to Emily, Vikki, and Sarah)

You are still going, alright.

(to class)

Alright guys can you bring it back in?

Stop what you’re doing and put the balls to the side

Alright, I liked what I saw out there. Everyone did a good job of focusing on the cues. Can anyone remember the cues we talked about when passing? Step in opposition... Lead your pass... and follow your pass. Are you following behind or in front?

We’re going to get into a modified game of 6 on 6 so if you have a pinnie come over here.

I want six pinnies right here. Six non-pinnies over here. So Mr. Torres talked a little bit last class about the rules. You can only take 2 steps. The sidelines are going to be live so I want you guys to spread out along both sidelines. You have to have a minimum of 3 passes plus a 4th one to someone on your sideline before you can shoot at the basket. If you’re shooting you want it to hit the ground to score.

The non-pinnies will start down there, you’re shooting at either backboard.

Alright, pinnies ball!

Try to create some space.

1 point!

Alright everyone bring it in over here.

You guys did a good job with the scrimmage too.

Next time we’ll continue with more scrimmages, hope you all had a good time. bring it in, tchoukball on 3. 1, 2, 3 tchoukball!