Good morning to you. Its cold and wet here today so I am with you earlier than I have been lately. Just sitting and watching Leo, the horse, in his raincoat. He doesn’t look so happy out there in the rain. The lorikeets came this morning. They were less cheerful than they usually are. Very wet and stroppy.

They come of a morning, the lorikeets do. Today, they are still sitting on the ledge at the front door. Staying out of the rain.

Years back, we were given this photo of my Nana Bell with a lorikeet on her head. Up at Currumbin Sanctuary. Would have been the 1960s. I consider it a very odd photograph.

The lorikeets come here and Izzy makes them a breakfast mix similar to the one my mother used to make. They come in their dozens. The Rainbows and the smaller ones called Scaley Breasted.

The last week or so, they have been a little intimidated by the Scrub Turkey. The Turkey was once timid and stayed pretty much hidden in the bushes over the way. Now it seems confident that noone and nothing here will harm it and it follows the 2 chooks around the verandahs, snarls at the cats and takes a 6 foot leap up to the lorikeet feeding area and feasts on their food. I haven’t had a scrub turkey do that before. I don’t even recall there being any down here on the Bellinger.

Maybe sugar cane will grow here again one day as well.