The time is ripe for a shift . . .

Please consider this proposal.

I am soliciting your cooperation to make this idea a reality.

Some of you are quite familiar with the components since I am synthesizing some of your ideas.

Thank you for your insight.

If you are not familiar with game dynamics, please watch the TED video (thank you Mark Moore for promoting TED!)

This is happening now!

Certainly, it will continue to become more ubiquitous.

Education concerns me more than business, so naturally I arrived at an educational conclusion.

Using Seth Priebatsch’s ideas as a starting point, let’s bring this inevitable social structure into the educational realm now . . . as it is changing.  

Let’s truly gameify the school curriculum....  

We need to transcend the “point-status” grading systems that Seth mentioned and the “math games” and “review bingo” and even the recent ed-based RPGs or MMORPGs.  

I do not mean to “fun-ify” the curriculum - I mean to apply the paradigm that Seth has developed with SCVNGR.  It is all-encompassing - a stark contrast to the learning games of the previous decades.

The nature of game dynamics precludes the concern for engagement and motivation since these aspects are part of the fundamental structure.  Because students will want to participate and progress, the quality of learning will be greatly enhanced.  

It’s a monumental task that will always have to change to keep up with the demands of learners, but the value is undeniable and immeasurable.

Beware:  this has no place in education as we know it.  One major difference between the current education paradigm and a game dynamics-based education is a significant power shift to the learner.  Another difference is the need for a completely multidisciplinary curriculum.  There are obviously many more differences.

This is the future of education.  

This is the motivation revolution that educators have sought

for so long.  

I’m moving ahead with this . . . it’s so cutting edge, it’s practically fringe!


Here are the closest things I could find along this line of inquiry so far.

It turns out that I’m not the first to say these things (as usual!):  Kelly Rued had almost this same thing to say in her blog (about 2 weeks ago!):

She astutely applies her knowledge of gaming to education....

and this might help the non-gaming reader:

And apparently, also according to Ms. Rued,  virtual platforms are already gaining popularity.

(but full gameification will have to go way beyond this....)

More evidence that this is on its way . . . Jesse Schell has some eye-opening things to say:


What do we need?

We need people.  I’m bouncing this idea to you . . . do you have any recommendations for other people and resources?  

(This came to me yesterday morning as I was dressing for work, so this is all I have so far . . . .)

I’ve sent the link to this Gdoc to the following:

Kelly Rued, Games Marketing Entrepreneur

Mark Moore, Employee Development, WV Dept. of Ed

Donna Hage, Curriculum Director, Liberty High School WV

Michael Burr, Teacher, Arabia Mountain High, Georgia

Jesse Schell, CEO of Schellgames

Kellian Adams, Ed Technologist, SCVNGR

*It seems to make sense to include at least one student gamer as well...what others...?

**And just to make my intentions transparent, I will author some scholarly papers to submit for publication/presentation.  I will do this through Marshall University (as part of my doctoral portfolio), so for those endeavors, I will solicit the collaboration of MU doc faculty.  However, I really believe that this will be a major paradigm shift in education to represent the corresponding shift in society, and I want to be part of its development.  For the actual development, I would like to work with educators and other experts to help make this future happen.  Any takers?  And for all practical and theoretical purposes, this collaboration will probably have to go public (like wiki discussion and planning through collaborative documents, etc.)

All I’ve done is put two and two together, obtained the obvious result, and I’m trying to get the ball rolling to make four a reality.

Thank you for your time.

Randall King, Teacher, Liberty High, WV