Metrolina Library Association.  Minutes of the Board Meeting, 1-19-2011        2



WED. FEB. 16TH, 2011, 2 P.M.

Central Piedmont Community College, Harris Campus, Building I room 1226

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte

Board Members Present: Valerie Freeman, LaJuan Pringle, Cheryl Ann Coyle, Denelle Eads, Joe Eshleman, Judy Geczi, Beth Martin, Joli McClelland, Frank Newton, Doug Short.

1. Minutes of Last Board Meeting.  Frank distributed written minutes of the January 19th Board meeting, and they were approved.

2. Treasurer's Report.  Doug brought some copies of his report distributed earlier today by e-mail and noted that as of meeting time we have $8,136.

3. Program Planning -- Spring Program (LaJuan).  The spring program "The Future of Libraries: Where Are We Going?" will be March 16th, 3-5 p.m. at Imaginon.  It will be free for MLA members and $5 for others.  LaJuan will moderate or be chair of the program.  The three speakers will have twenty minutes each followed by questions and answers.

4. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference (Valerie).  (a) Valerie reported our keynoter Kee Malesky of National Public Radio has her airplane reservations, and that she doesn't charge a set fee to speak.  The Board felt that $500 was a good honorarium, and affordable for us.  (b) The call for papers has been posted on our website and on Facebook.  Cheryl will help Valerie g-mail the call for papers to everyone on the MLA mailing list.  (c) Responding to a question from Denelle, Valerie said we can certainly use any and all Board members as volunteers on Conference day (Thursday June 16th).  Board members can guide speakers and attenders to the Conference meeting rooms, and be on call to troubleshoot the equipment presenters will use.  (d) We will offer a lower registration fee, which was set at $25, for people who just want to hear the keynote speaker.  The keynote will be after lunch; for those who just pay the $25, lunch will not be provided.  (e) We will cap the keynote-only registration at 75.  The fire-code limit for the Conference room is 180.  Last year we had a little fewer than 100 actual attenders (not counting the no-shows).  (f) Possible publicity ideas for the Conference: design a poster to post in Charlotte area libraries; radio spot on WFAE (90.7 FM, NPR); get Conference listed in What's Happening This Week?

5. New Board Member.  Valerie appointed Joli McClelland (Instruction and Web Design Librarian at Queens University) as new Board member at large and we welcomed her.

6. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference -- Additional Discussion.  (a) Beth suggested we might try live-streaming the June Conference.  As an alternative or additional technology, we could video-record it, and then podcast it later.  Joe suggested we could practice by live-streaming the spring program (which will be shorter than the Conference).  Beth offered to podcast the spring program.  We have to ask the three spring program speakers, and Kee Malesky, for permission to video-record or live-stream their presentations.  The Board concluded that live-streaming might reduce the number of paid registrations we receive for the June Conference, and therefore video-recording, with a podcast later for which we might charge $5, would be a better choice.  (b) Valerie said we should try to take more pictures at this year's Information Literacy Conference than we did at last year's.  The best plan to increase the pictures would be to have a dedicated photographer who had no other duties but to take pictures during the Conference.

7. MLA on Facebook.  Doug suggested we change our Facebook group to a Facebook page.

8. Next Meeting will be Wed. April 20th at 2 p.m., hopefully at the same location (CPCC Harris Campus).  There'll be no Board meeting in March, though many of us will see each other at the spring program March 16th.

The meeting adjourned about 2:40, and was followed by a meeting of the Conference planning committee to work on further details of the June Conference.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton

MLA Secretary



WED. FEB. 16TH, 2011, 2:45 P.M.

Central Piedmont Community College, Harris Campus, Building I room 1226

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte

Plans for the 2011 Information Literacy Conference (June 16th) were further developed and refined as follows.

1. Book Signing.  Kee Malesky said she'd be happy to sign copies of her new book.  We'll do that right before or during the poster session -- after the keynote speech.

2. Keynote Topic.  Ms. Malesky asked what we'd like her to talk about.  We thought audience might enjoy a few stories from her book All Facts Considered, and something about her career, and something about information literacy.

3. Lunch Menu.  Valerie's working on the lunch menu.  So far only the salad is established, but she will ask for information on sandwiches and roast chicken as well.  Valerie doesn't want salad to be the only option.

4. Other Food Notes.  (a) Cheryl recommended cutting last year's breakfast quantities in half, and adding the saved money to the lunch budget.  (b) We might want to have two stations for afternoon snack so there won't be long lines waiting to get to the coffee pot.  (c) Valerie reported right now we're aiming at a total food budget of $2,500 for the conference.

5. Notifications.  Last year Cheryl scripted a turn-down message for talk proposals, which she phoned into the voice mails of applicants not accepted about 6 p.m.  She'll pass the script on to Valerie.

6. Length of Presentations.  Joe suggested we shorten non-keynote speakers to an hour, i.e. 50 minutes talk and 10 mins. questions.

7. Next Meeting.  Valerie would like to set next committee meeting -- the meeting at which proposals for talks are reviewed -- for Mon. March 28th.  Last year the committee meeting for that purpose took ca. three hours.  We'll meet at 2 p.m. March 28th at Johnson & Wales.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton