Welcome to Our Parent Student Tech Workshop

Please note that these notes will be published on our NING should you desire to revisit the information.

  1. Take a computer--log in.  Both parents and children are welcome to use a computer.  You can both log in with your child’s account information.
  2. Explore Google sites
  1. Log in to Student Google aps with first name_last name, wps#
  2. Open sites
  3. Look it over, then work on your reading response letter, free write or something else.
  1. Explore our Class Website
  1. Go to Happy Hollow’s website, then click on Happy Hollow classrooms, then click Ms. Devlin’s class
  2. Try out the keyboarding links (see left side list)
  3. Try out other subject links listed on the left side.
  1. Explore NING
  1. Help your child to remember his/her password and log in name.
  2. Explore images.
  3. Answer Ms. Devlin’s blog post question by adding a comment (try for two sentences)

Ms. Devlin will be here to answer your questions and help you out.  Remember, I love questions!