Volunteer Opportunities  

Please contact Pamela – at 650-504-1811 or at info(at)almosteden.org if you are interested in volunteering - we'd love to have you!

The following is a list of ways you can get involved with the Almost Eden Garden Project:

1) Working in the garden! - There are many labor-intensive garden "chores" to be done, but there are also very, very important garden chores that don't involve lots of strength. These less-strenuous activities include, for example, watering, seed starting, pruning, "deadheading" flowers, spraying plants with organic bug repellants (as needed), fertilizing plants with liquid fish emulsion, and wiping down sitting areas in the garden. The more strenuous activities include tree pruning, turning the compost bins, planting seedlings, weeding, amending the garden beds and harvesting. Our monthly work days take place one Saturday each month from 9-11am, depending on the season (see “Upcoming Events” for specific dates). We also have small groups working in the garden one morning each week - please contact us for more details!

2) Securing Donations – Many places are willing to give us donations of plants, seeds, equipment, lumber, etc. – we just need to ask for them. This usually involves connecting with a store manager, writing a letter, and asking for specific items. Online companies can also be contacted for donations.

3) Providing Food For Work Days– This involves providing a light snack for weekend work crews of various sizes who volunteer to help one Saturday each month. Group sizes range from 8-15 volunteers depending on the day - contact Pamela for more information.