Driver Scan

PC Updater is a safe and reliable tool to update outdated device drivers.  

It scans your computer to determine which drivers you have installed,

and compares that against our database of the latest driver updates.

Whenever your computer is found to have outdated drivers, PC Updater

alerts you and helps you update them quickly and without effortlessly.

Update your drivers in five simple steps!

1.    Open and Scan:  Open PC Updater and your scan will start.  

You can also click ‘Start Scan Now’ to begin scanning

To access your most recent scan results without re-scanning, click on the ‘Out of date drivers’ link

2.   Scanning Process

The scanning process can take between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on your

PC configuration.

PC Updater checks the drivers for:   Disk Drives, DVD/CD-ROM Drives, Keyboard,

Monitors, SCSI/RAID, System devices (including chipset and controllers, BIOS,

cache, processor, system buses, peripherals), Display Adapters, IDE ATA/ATAPI

Controllers, Mouse and pointing devices, Network Adapters, Processors, Sound,

Video and Game controllers, and Universal serial bus (USB) controllers


3.  Results

When your scan is complete, the Results screen lists the out-of-date drivers

for different devices, including the date of the installed driver and the date of the

 available update.  The Results list also shows you how many days have passed 

since each driver was last updated, to give you an idea of how out of date your

system is.  Next to each driver, an ‘Update Driver’ link lets you select just that

driver to update.

You can also choose to use the ‘Update All Drivers’ button at the bottom of

the screen to download and install all updates at once.  However, we

recommend installing one driver at a time, and waiting a day or so between

updates. This way you can determine the effects of each driver on your


If you don’t want to install an update, you can select ‘Ignore’ to hide it from

your results list.  To view all updates that you’ve ‘Ignored’ or to remove

an update from that list, Select ‘Options’ and then ‘Ignore List’ from the top


4.  Installation

After PC Updater downloads the drivers you have selected it will create a backup

 of your old drivers. In case your system does not respond well to the new driver,

you can roll back to the previous configuration or restore your previous driver.

After the download and backup is complete, PC Updater will install the selected

driver(s) for you.

5.   Restart

After installing updates, PC Updater will prompt you to restart your computer.

It is important to do this so the old drivers are replaced by the new ones.

Working on a system with installed drivers that have not been replaced may

cause system problems.  Make sure you save whatever you are working on

before allowing PC Updater to restart your system.


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