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The Moodle ISU Backup utility creates a compressed backup file of the contents of your Moodle ISU course. The backup file can then be saved on your computer or an external storage device.

This guide will help you to:

Backup Your Course

Backup files can be used to restore course material to the Moodle server when needed.  

To backup a course:

  1. In the My courses area of your Moodle page, Select the course you wish to backup.
  2. In the Administration block, under Course administration, Select Backup.


  1. In the Backup settings page, make sure only these three options are checked:
  1. Include activities,  

  1. In the Backup settings page, make sure only these three options are checked: Include activities, Include blocks, and Include filters. For backing up IMS Common Cartridge, contact the ITRC.

  1. Click Next, located on the right at the bottom of the page, to continue.
  2. Select the check-boxes next to the resources you want included in the backup file.

Hot Tip: You can select or deselect the whole course by selecting the All or the None option at the top of the page.

file name .jpg

Note: If you would like to add specific items from a Week/Topic you must select the name of the Week/Topic and then select the specific items you would like backed up.

  1. Once you have selected the items you wish to back up, Click the Next button.
  2. Click Next, located at the bottom of the page, to continue.
  1. On the next page, you will see the backup filename, settings and included items.

file name .jpg

Hot Tip: If you choose to change the filename in the filename area please make sure to keep the .mbz at the end of the file. Otherwise the file will not work when you want to restore the course content.. ie: CourseBackUp_Fall2014.mbz

  1. Click Perform backup, located at the bottom of the page, to continue.

  1. This process may take a few minutes. So please do not do anything with your computer until the progress bar to reach 100%.  If it is taking longer than expected, please contact the ITRC.

  1. Once the backup has been “successfully created,” Click Continue.

  1. In the course backup area, Locate the backup file you just created. Click Download to save the file to your computer.

  1. In the pop up window, Select Save File.
  1. Click OK
  2. Browse to where you would like to save the file.  Click Save File.

For instructions on how to restore a course backup, see the Restoring Course Data.

For more information, visit Course Backup.

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