The Dysart Google Sites team has put together two templates that you can use to quickly get your site up and going. It is best to choose to apply these templates when creating your site.  Different colors and themes can be applied to the site later on.


        Individual Site Template - For one person

        Group Site Template - For a related group

(3rd Grade @ ARES, English Teachers @ WCHS)

The Individual Template is for one person to make their own site. It has spaces for homework, class calendar and announcements.  The Group Template is for groups of staff members that want to share a site. This allows you to collaborate through your website with your PLC.  

You can choose to use one of the templates in creating your site by clicking on Browse the gallery for more under Select a template to use.  This will bring up the template dialog and you will see the two Dysart templates available.

If you choose a group site, it is important to setup the members of your group as owners of the site in the sharing options. Editors of sites can edit the existing pages in a site, while the owners can add new pages and update the navigation bar.  These options are done under the blue Share button on the top of the page.

The last important part of creating your site is choosing a name.  The name of your site becomes the link of your site.  The link cannot be changed without creating a new site or copying a site.  If you were to type in We Are Dysart, into the name field, the link to your site would be.

This is why it is important to choose a name that is generic.  If you choose the site name Dysart 7th Grade Math, but change to Luke 8th Grade next year, you will need to go through a process to rename your site.