Rationalism Project.


J’s Autobiography.-

        Hello:) My name is J (legally it’s spelled “J”, but I do not like that:]), and I happen to be a Junior at Farmington High School. (Technically it is Farmington Central, but I do not understand why we need the Central anyways.) In school, I participate in a lot of activities.  The ones that I can remember right now are S.W.A.T (just like what I hear you guys call Snowball.?), Key Club, Recycling Club, French Club, Color Guard, Winter Guard, Scholastic Bowl, Powder Puff, Drama (I am the assistant stage manager in the play this year, but in previous years I helped with both lights and sound.), Yearbook, and I am going to travel abroad next summer.  I think that that is all, but I am certain that there are more.  I have one sister who is in college, but she still lives at home.   I live with my mother in Farmington while my dad remains at our old house in Hanna City.  I like to be school spirited, I drive a powder blue Volkswagen Beetle Bug, and I like to think that I am very good with numbers:)

Z’s Autobiography:)-

        My name is Z, but I go by Frank the Tank.  Seriously though, everyone calls me Z.  I am a member of the soccer team at our school.  I am a part of Spanish Club, Science Club, and I have been a class officer for the past three years.  I have one older brother that is in college, attending Butler University in Indianapolis.  An interesting fact about me is that I have played guitar for about four years now and I love singing and performing for people.  I also play a little piano and bass but I am awful at both, but I enjoy all things musical.


D’s Autobiography.-

        Hi, I'm D; but everyone calls me D. I am pretty crazy sometimes as I like to have fun. I am an actor so I over exaggerate everything. My extra curricular is Drama (Theatre), but I have been trying to start a Glee Club at my school. I have always lived in Plains, it's not that great; but its not terrible. Its in the middle of a cornfield; the same as any other town (not city) in central Illinois.  I am extremely confused at this project currently because I either have an nonexistent partner or am in two groups. That's me.

Suggestions For The Seven Virtues.

J’s Suggestions:)

1.) Hope.                        The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.

2.) Discipline                        The trait of being well behaved and under control.

3.) Cleanliness.                        Careful to keep clean : fastidious, habitually kept clean.

4.) Enthusiasm                        A feeling of excitement. Exuberance: overflowing with eager enjoyment or                                         approval.

5.) Joyfulness                        The emotion of great happiness

6.)Orderliness                        neatness and tidiness. A personality trait which involves the organization of                                         things into a state of order and symmetry. The quality of appreciating method                                         and system

7.) Patience.                        The ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.

8.) Punctuality                        The quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time.

9.) Purposefulness                Having a definite goal.

10.) Restraint                        Holding Back.

11.) Tolerance.                        Tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something; tending to                                         withstand or survive.

12.) Trust.                        Having confidence in others; lacking suspicion.

13.) Wonder.                        The feeling aroused by something strange and surprising.

Z’s Suggestions.-

1) Honesty                        Creates a basis for good, strong relationships.

2)Self-Discipline                One needs to be able to be in control of themselves.

3)Compassion                        Gives live more meaning and purpose when you believe strongly in                                         something

4)Friendship                        Allows us to share in the good of life with others.

5)Work                                Gives a purpose and allows one to feel a sense of accomplishment.

6)Courage                        How one can act in bad situations truly shapes who we are as people

7)Perseverance                         When one doesn’t give up and can complete something, life is a lot more                                 fulfilling.  

8)Loyalty                        Caring about others and showing it through actions is directly related                                         to how people care about us.

9)Faith                                Not only religious but simply in something that gives how because faith                                         usually anchors ones total morality.

10)Self Actualization                One needs to understand who they are before they can find their                                         place in the world.

11)Physical Care                When one is in control of their body physically, it becomes easier to                                         control ones mind.

12)Integrity                        Doing what is right when no one else knows it gives a lot of personal                                         empowerment.

13)Empathy                        Learning how to put oneself in a different persons shoes gives insight                                         and can help build strong relationships.

D’s Suggestions:]-

1.) Zeal.                                Ardor. A feeling of strong eagerness. Tireless devotion.

2.)Tact.                                Consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense.

3.)Sincerity.                        Free from pretense or deceit in manner or actions.

4.)Sensitivity.                        Heightened awareness of oneself and others within the context of                                                 social and personal relationships.

5.)Self Sacrifice.                        The giving up of one's own benefit, especially giving up one's life, for                                         the good of others.        

6.)Selflessness.                        The quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.                

7.)Respect                        Admiration for others. Treating people with due dignity.

8.)Responsibility                        Having control over and accountability for appropriate events.

9.)Integrity                        Moral soundness; Integrity is consistency of values and actions.                                                  Unbroken completeness with nothing lacking.

(Yes, I am making fun of the cardinal code)

10.)Kindness                        Friendly, helpful, well meaning.

11.)Humor                        High mindedness: elevated ideals and conduct; the quality of believing that                                         ideals should be pursued.

12.)Creativity                        The ability to create. A quality involving the generation of new ideas                                         or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing                                         ideas or concepts.

13.)Trustworthiness                Able to be trusted or depended on; reliable.

Our Seven Virtues.

1.) Integrity                Doing what is right when no one else knows it gives a lot of personal empowerment.; Moral                                         soundness; consistency of values and actions. Unbroken completeness with nothing lacking.

2.) Honesty                Creates a basis for good, strong relationships. Telling the straight truth, and not “beating around the                                 bush”

3.) Loyalty                Caring about others and showing it through actions is directly related to how people care about us.

4.) Perseverance                 When one doesn’t give up and can complete something, life is a lot more fulfilling.         

5.) Selflessness.                The quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

6.) Trust.                        Having confidence in others; lacking suspicion; able to be trusted or depended on; reliable.

7.) Wonder.                The feeling aroused by something strange and surprising.

Day 1.

        Well, I suppose that the first thing that I learned was what the word “integrity” means.  That was difficult.  Every person that I asked had a different answer, and our definition varies so much that my mind became frazzled.  During Accounting, though, I received the best answer that I could have asked for which was, “To stand up for what you believe in and sticking to your morals.”  Well, this meant that I had to come up with some morals.  That does not mean that I do not have any, just that I do not keep a list with me in my pocket.  The first one that I thought of, no joke, was to not sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend.  Good news, I did not do that today, nor have I ever, nor do I plan to.  The standing up for what I believe in thing.?  That was so easy that it is not even funny.  I love to stand up for what I believe in, especially if I know that I am right.  Today was actually a very good day for me to “practice” standing up for what I believe in.  Last night, one of my friends had her house catch fire.  Almost everything that they owned was destroyed, and she is not allowed back into the house at all until around graduation.  She is a senior.  I believe in community.  During French class we talked about it and decided that we needed to help her.  Ms. Lambert, our teacher, said that we should act like the French Family that we really are and help her.  Lambert only wanted us to do one thing for her, such as donate money or donate food, but I believe that we should do anything that we could for the Sandfords.  I told them that if we could bring in money, clothes, or anything else that we should bring in all of it, not just as a class do one thing.  I become mad with my sister often, and this forces me to not like speaking to her and especially not asking her for anything.  My homework to do today was well first, this, my college history test (five 1.5 page essays typed.), and writing my “Declaration of Independence” for English class.  When I arrived home after play practice, I found out that my computer did not feel the need to start.  This being the main thing that I needed to complete my homework, I was very upset.  As I went into the other room to stop myself from throwing the computer out the window, I saw that my sister was reading comic books on the Internet.  On any other day this would have forced me into a fit of yelling, but today I decided that it would demonstrate a very nice moral standing if instead of doing this, I just asked her if I could use her computer.  I did, and she ended up trying to fix the computer that I needed.  Good choice.? I think yes.  This has been a description of my day living with integrity.


Today’s virtue was integrity.  I define this virtue as how one presents themselves when there is no one else around.  I think this makes up a large portion of a persons character simply because if you act different when you know people are watching, then you really aren’t yourself all of the time.  Today in strength training, the weights at military press were really out of order so I decided that I would take the time out of my workout to make sure that they were put back in the proper place.  Last year and a few times this year, Mrs. Jenkins has asked people to fix them while they are at that station, but I decided that I would help out without being asked.  Little did I know, Mrs. Jenkins saw me do this and later in class thanked me for doing it.  Although I still did actually get recognized for my good deed, it still felt good knowing that I did it even though I did not have to.  A very similar situation occurred at my home tonight as well.  I thought my dad would want me to clean the kitchen after the game so I did, but then he told me that I didn’t have to although he appreciated that I did it.  Whenever I do something like that, I can really take pride in the fact that I just did it.  Sometimes its even better when you don’t get recognized for it just because it makes you feel all the better that you did it.  Overall I think I did a pretty good job with the first virtue for today.  We will have to see how tomorrow goes when I add honesty.          


        Doing what is right even if other people might think it is not. The classic story line to the movies. I thought that it would be easy, but it is hard to do what  is right when everyone else is doing the wrong thing, and it will not impact anyone negatively. I'm the kind of person where i am going to do whatever benefits someone else. It might be a problem with self-esteem; or it could just be that I always  put other people before me. That is what gave me trouble today, I had musical practice and afterwards I got pulled over (GASP). The cop walked over and I was terrified. The stuff that was running through my head, the thoughts i feared... He says "Can i see your license and registration?" I reply sure. Then he tells me that my license plate light is out. I think about arguing that it was on when I left school but I did not. I just said that I did not know and that I was in the wrong. (I'm a day ahead :] ) and even better the cop was like well, I appreciate you being honest and I heard your school has something about integrity and I was like the cardinal code.. Yeah, he said they did a good job teaching integrity. (I was beaming)

Day 2.

        Today, our virtue happened to be honesty.  It is a fact that I love to be brutally honest with people, but of course I am usually very mean about it, so I always need a reason to be brutally honest.  This was my reason. This of course, made me very excited, but I could not help but think that there would be someone out there that would ask me a question that I did not want to answer.  There was one person in particular that I was worried about, but it did not happen.  However, my friend D did ask me such a question, or series of questions, but I think that I took them quite well, even if the answer was not favorable to her.  I did not do anything too out of character for myself because on a “regular” day, I never really find the need to lie to people, but none-the-less I was more honest than usual.  I went with Laura up to the Northern University table that was set up; this is the college that I want to go to more than I want to inhale oxygen.  She had asked me if I would go with her, and usually I say that I only have one college that I am interested in, and that is UIC.  This is almost true because I do want to go there, but I want to go to Northern more.  I usually say this just because I do not like to go to the college tables because I do not know what to say.  Well, today I went with L, and I learned that they have one of the best business schools not only in the state, but also in the country.  Also, I learned that they do in fact have a Color Guard, and that I am completely in love with their mascot.  In case you were wondering, it is a Huskie, not that I like the dog, but I like what they shirts and such will look like.  I think that I may just be this honest with everyone habitually.  Possibly it will be on like the fifth of each month?  I am not sure, but I will figure it out.


Today’s virtue was honesty.  I was a little upset because I didn’t actually come across any obscure situations or questions that would allow me to exercise this virtue.   I guess that I did though in a sense that I didn’t cheat on any of my schoolwork, but this is something that I do regularly so it didn’t seem too great of an accomplishment.  There was one situation though that I was being completely honest, but not many people would believe me.  During homeroom I ripped a phonebook in half.  When I told people, some would say that they didn’t believe me or that I did it one page at a time, with scissors to start, or something like that.  In all reality, I truly just used my hands.  In this situation I was able to practice honesty, but I guess some people just don’t trust me very much even though I don’t lie all that often.  This kind of made today boring as far as the virtue I was focusing on goes.  I think that honesty is something that is simply part of my personality and its what I do all of the time.  It is extremely important to how we interact with others and how much others trust us.  The odd situation of me ripping a phonebook in half proves that even when someone is completely, genuinely honest, there are still people that will not believe what they are hearing.  This may be because they lack trust, or maybe it is a part of human nature to not trust and believe everything that is said to be true.  


        Honesty, the hardest virtue of all. My family is very messed up. So a lot of the time I have a little trouble with this. As I am a people pleaser sometimes being honest isn't always the nice thing to do. Normally i make something up that says why i am not home,  but as of today i have decided to not tell a lie. I did fail at this virtue. I told the truth alot which I learned isnt always the best thing to say. But over all the thing i learned is that you will be accepted mostly if you tell the truth. There are sometimes that it isnt the best thing to do, (if someone asks you do i look nice) but other than those times it always worked out for me. For the main example I told my dad that i was going to the hoogland and that i would put gas in the car. Unlike his normal response of No your not in a mocking tone i got the exasperated whatever. Which is worldly better. The other thing i started being truthful with as a person. I dont know the outcome of that because this person doesn't easily show a reaction to such things. But to be honest i fear the worst.

Day 3.

        It just so happens that our virtue to apply today is loyalty.  Now, I will deny this if you repeat it, but I actually need some help in this area.  That is not to say that I am not a loyal person at all because I am.  However, I do have a problem with saying things about people when they turn around.  This is exactly what I tried not to do today.  It did not really make that much of a difference in my day except that I had to find other things to talk about, and to be completely honest, I like it.  A nice example of not talking about people behind their backs includes my ex-”friend” C.  He was never really my friend, but my best friend was his best friend.  About a month ago, he decided to spread a vicious rumor about her, and she decided that she did not want to talk to him anymore.  He had done stuff like this all the time, but she always forgave him.  I, on the other hand, knew how two-faced he was and had decided a long time ago that I was done talking to him.  Recently, he has decided that he and I are friends again.  We are not, but every time he talks to me I talk back.  Usually once he leaves, I will turn to whoever is around and tell them how much I hate him.  Today, when he talked to me I did not make a snide comment as he left.  I just looked a D, and we walked to French class.  I decided yesterday, honesty day, that I would tell him next week that I still do not like him and that he should stop talking to me.  I did not tell him yesterday because it was not, in fact, confession day.  As a side note, I would also like to include that today I told D that I no longer have a problem with her friend C.  I used to hate him so much that it was not even funny.  While taking my Physics quiz, however, I realized that I enjoy talking to him.  That was very honest of me, was it not?  Also, I did not cheat on my Facebook- official “husband.”  In reality he is just my really good friend from Canton who I take with me on all of the “double dates” that my friends and I go on.


Today’s virtue was loyalty.  I didn’t have anything really great to do that would show this virtue, but I did help out my friends.  During Digital Electronics we were working on labs.  I had completed the first one previously during another class period when some other people in our class were gone and I had also done all of the parts of the second lab that I could without the equipment.  When we got to class Mr. Kuster said that we needed to work on whatever labs we had left and to only work in groups of two.  I always work with either K1 or T, but they had not started either lab.  I ended up working with K2 on the lab and we completed it rather quickly.  I then noticed that K1 and T were not going to get everything done that they needed to for the day so I decided that I would show my loyalty to the trifecta and help them finish.  If you didn’t know, the trifecta is the perfect group of three for engineering projects, consisting of K1, T, and myself.  With my help, they were able to complete all of the labs that we needed to for today.  I think my loyalty to the trifecta really helped out my friends today, and I really felt like I did a nice thing.  Even though I was forced to work with someone else for my work, I still showed my loyalty and dedication to the greatest engineering group in the history of mankind.  I kind of feel that this virtue is something that I practice a lot, and it is something that I strongly believe in.  


        Loyalty, I love this virtue and this is easy for me. When i believe or follow something i stick with it. Which is why i love Jesus.  Normally i never break loyalty, but today I had a bit of trouble with that. I am usually completely loyal to my friends and i will help them out in PE even if i am not on their team, but a certain person whose name i shall not reveal was playing dirty. So, therefore i abandoned loyalty and we destroyed there team very harshly and took first place. It was fifty to fourteen in flag football. Then after this i remained loyal, i did a good job if i may assume so. The things i did to help people also worked out as well to being loyal. I didn't break loyalty to any of my friends which i think is pretty normal for me. The hardest part though is that I'm ruled by emotions and i really find it hard. Coming from a guy that sounds reall wierd i know, but i am quite a loyal plerson.

Day 4.

        Perseverance was not that hard to accomplish today, seeing as how we did not have school and also my play was tonight.  Perseverance is not giving up when things become hard, time-consuming, or unfavorable.  The time-consuming part was easy to deflect because we did not have school.  I had all the time in the world to finish anything that I started.   For example, I cleaned my room.  Now, my room is always clean, but today I decided that I was going to clean it extensively because I had the time.  I also washed three loads of laundry, dried them, and hung them up or folded them.  I have not done laundry since band season started, and continued not to do it with the play going on.  It was beautiful.  Now, as far as the play goes, how could I possibly have managed to be the assistant stage manager and not show perseverance?  Folding all of those programs definitely took perseverance since it took up so much of my time, but I finished it and did not complain.  Also today, I went to my friend J’s house.  Being the awesome person that I am, I decided to look through his room.  I looked through his entire room.  That kid has a lot of stuff in his room, but it was fun.  It took me around an hour just to look through everything that he had despite the fact that he told me that it would take me so long.  I did it anyways.  I also brought him to the play with me.  After the play as I was talking to all of my friends and introducing him to them, I remembered that I sort of have a driving curfew as mandated by the law.  This meant that I could not stand there and talk to C for the hour that I would have loved to have talked to him for.  This time, it was a bit hard for me to persevere forward to have J home with just enough time for me to make it back to my house by 11:00 p.m.  I, however, did it.  


For today’s virtue, I didn’t exactly do anything spectacular, but I did help myself a little bit.  The virtue was perseverance.  I persevered by getting some schoolwork done in a very short amount of time.  In Precalc, we went over some old material for review and then Mrs. Williams assigned a worksheet for homework.  There was about thirty minutes left in class at that point and she said that we had the rest of class to work on it.  I think she was in a rather good mood, and so was everyone else in the class because I mean, it’s Friday.  Who wouldn’t be in a good mood?  Because of every one's happy mood, most of the class started to talk instead of working on the assignment.  Mrs. Williams did not get mad at the class for this, most likely because of her good mood.  Instead of talking with everyone else, T and I decided that we wanted to finish the work in class so that we wouldn’t have homework to worry about over the weekend.  We did each problem and then we would compare answers to make sure that we were doing it right.  With about five minutes left in class, we completed the worksheet.  I was able to write no homework in my planner for Precalc, which doesn’t exactly happen very often so I was pretty excited.  Even with all of the distractions in class and the temptation to simply put of the work for later, we were able to persevere and finish all of the homework.  I know this isn’t exactly the most dramatic display of perseverance, but it did help me out in a sense of lightening my work load for later.    


        Perseverance, a hard virtue. Especially in the case of this i wanted to give up this project very soon, as soon as i was as i was unable to work on this at home, and when i was given no time in class i decided to give up, but because my partners are so awesome and inspiring with the work they do i decided to not give this up. I continued and look at me now. On day four and going strong! I did give up a lot of times but then i remembered, why should i cause this person from Farmington (J) and my friend Z to get a bad grade just because i faced a little hardship and then gave up. No, it wasnt going to happen i stuck through this thick and thin. Not only did it make me feel good it made me feel loyal to this project as well; I think that Mrs. Graham will probably be horrified that i decided to quit so many times. Yeah, it happend but i didnt, and thats what makes me me.

Day 5.

        Selflessness is doing things that require you to think of others before yourself.  Oh mon dieu, this one was a curve ball.  It is not that I have a problem doing things for other people; it is that I have a problem of thinking about what other people want.  Everybody is different and should be treated as such.  When it comes to my sister, I never have any idea what she wants.  I never know how she thinks, I have no idea what she likes, and I especially do not know how to prepare for something that she will want.  We went shopping today.  My sister, my mother, and I went shopping.  Usually when we go shopping the trip always focuses around what I want.  I am not trying to be self-centered or anything, but it is the truth.  Today, K, my sister, wanted to go shopping for decoration for the Halloween party that she is throwing.  We went to a couple normal places such as Target before I suggested that we go to a Halloween store.  We went to one and then K did not know what to do after that.  She had decided that she wanted to go home, and so we did.  When we arrived and became settled in, she immediately took the remote and started watching TV.  Specifically, she started to watch the shows that I hate so much that my insides just want to die.  Usually I would yell at her, storm to my room, grab my keys, and go somewhere.  This time, I decided to offer to dye my mom’s hair.  She had asked me to do it the night before, but I did not have time.  Since I was doing this, my mother was happy, I did not have to watch her shows which made me happy, and I think that K was happy.  I do not think that she noticed that I did not yell at her this time, but I noticed, and it made me feel good about not upsetting everyone in the house.  


Selflessness wasn’t really amazing to my standards today, but compared to the people I was around; I think I did pretty well with it.  Today we had practice in the morning and it was quite awful.  After we did our warm-up, it began to rain.  Usually, nobody wants to practice on Saturday mornings, but the rain just made it worse.  For Saturday practices, we have a tournament of small games.  It is only half field so it’s pretty easy to just dribble and score by yourself.  With everyone being mad about still having practice even though it was raining, it seemed that all everyone wanted to do was just dribble.  Knowing that I needed to do my best to be selfless today, I tried to pass as much as possible.  This is not to say that I didn’t take my goal scoring opportunities, but when there was someone open on my team, I would pass it to them.  While some of the players on my team would pass back and play good soccer, there were others that would still just dribble by themselves.  It got a little annoying, but overall I believe that a lot of the good plays and the times that our team looked at its best were when we were passing more than the other team.  Not only is this effective in practice, but it really helps out in a game, because our style really is to control the ball and make a lot of passes; so I think that I actually benefited from this training session because I did what needs to be done to be successful in a game.  So my being selfless actually helped myself as well as my team.          


Selflessness, I  absolutely love this virtue, if i could be as selfless as i wanted I would probably not be here and I would probably have saved mankind, but as you see I did not so, i am still here.  The selfless things i do would be someone asks for help, I can't say no... I would rather let myself get hurt than them. Its sounds wierd but i have the mindset of a christian to a point that some would consider to far. I know what will happen when I die so i am not afraid of it. Other people normally are and if i help them they see me and they think why is he so nice to me, i haven't done anything nice to him to deserve this; and thats where i come in. People will wonder that and then they see me as a christian and they think, maybe that he found something that i need and they persue christianity; not only am i being selfless i throw in loyalty to Jesus. Then you have the times it is hard to be selfless, I need to do my work but other people ask for me to do thier work, normally i would do it, but i need to get mine done so i refuse they look at me lik im some kind of demon and walk away. It doesnt bother me. But the biggest hardest part of being selfless is when it comes to one person, she has been so very sad with what was going on and i can't help that i like her, but she doesn't know what to think about anything so i throw my feelings aside to try and cheer her up, and it somehow never works out like it should, she will momentarily be happy  but then things come back and it hits her and she's sad again. I wish i could be selfless enough to cherr her and every other sad person up, but i gotta be real eventually.

Day 6.

        The virtue of the day today was trust.  I am a very open person when it comes to telling people things.  In this aspect, I am very trusting.  However, I always have a hard time believing people when they say things.  This is exactly what I had problems with today.  My friend J, of course, knew that today was trust day.  He knew this because I had felt the need to insert this fact into my Facebook status as soon as I woke up.  I had not really thought that people would react to it; I just knew that if I put it in there that I would remember.  Well, he found this to be the perfect way to mess with me.  Every single thing that he said included, “and since today is trust day, you have to trust what I say and know that it is true.”  Mostly, he did this to me with the football games.  I am very much into football, and even more into the Steelers.  In fact, I love them so much that I had them set as one of the sides of my class ring.  It is the side that faces me to be quite honest.  Since I was not home for the first quarter of the game, he decided to take it upon himself to tell me what was happening.  It was horrible.  There were three turnovers, two on the Steelers, and they were playing terribly.  When he told me this, I did not want to believe him.  This one actually turned out to be true.  It was horrifying.  Also, I like to bet on football games.  I do not bet money, or anything even a tad larger than minor things.  This time I had said that if his team, he liked the Indianapolis Colts, won that he would have to stop saying things like, “sure” to me.  After the Steelers game, I went out to see a movie with my mother.  J found this to be an opportune time to mess with me again.  He told me that the Colts had won and that I had lost the bet.  I was a tad upset, but what I had to give up was not that bad.  I just found out, they did not play until 7:30.  As soon as I find out what the score is, we will see if it really did work out in his favor or not.  We will see.


For today, we were supposed to follow the virtue of trust.  There were not exactly any major happenings that I needed to trust someone.  There were most definitely not any life or death situations in which I had to trust my life to someone else.  That would make this journal entry a lot more interesting, but I guess the more simply, less exciting example of how I was trusting will have to do.  For AP Chemistry, there were quite a few assignments for the weekend but they all had different due dates.  When I began my homework, I realized that I did not have enough time to complete all of my homework for all of my classes.  I called my good friend L to ask for some help, and I ended up asking him if he had started his lab book for Chemistry because this was one of the things that I was dreading doing because it is so simple, but also extremely time consuming.  He told me that they were not due until Wednesday.  I told him that I was pretty sure that they are due for Monday, but he assured me that they were not actually due until the following class period.  I again said that I was pretty sure that Conklin said they are due Monday, at which point L just said, “trust me, they are due on Wednesday.”  Seeing as my virtue is trust, I decided to take his word for it and not do the lab book.  This really lightened my load of homework to be done, and as it turns out, the lab books were not actually due.  Even though this isn’t the most exciting way to display my trust, it is still a display of my trust in my friends nonetheless.  


        Trust, this virtue i failed at completely. My life is extremely messed up, and i can't really trust anyone.

Day 7.

        The virtue that I had to display today is wonder.  Now I have been waiting all of thirteen hours and thirteen minutes to say this next sentence.  This virtue will be easy because I am a wonderful person.  That was a good sentence.  In all actuality, I do spend most of my time wondering about things.  This usually expresses itself the most in math class.  During this class, I ask so many questions that my teacher, Mr. Stevens, had no idea how to respond to most of them.  Today we were learning about something with polar coordinates and physics, even though I have yet to learn about it in physics, and he was showing us that we could write our answer in three different styles.  We could use polar coordinates, rectangular coordinates, or in an î + ĵ style.  Well, I asked him what the hats were for.  He told me that he did not know.  I asked him if it was possible for me to exclude the I and just use the hat over the numbers of my answer.  He told me that that was wrong and that you would never use that in Mathematics.  First of all, I plan to prove him wrong by becoming a mathematician.  Then I will come up with my own equation or something.  The answer will be displayed with a hat over it.  Future generations should be prepared for this stroke of genius to come.  Also, if you were wondering, it turns out that the Colts had a bye this week and the game that we had bet on is next week.  Due to this fact, we moved it to the Packers game and I lost.  That is life though.


The virtue for today was wonder, which is the feeling of curiosity caused by the unknown.  This is something that I believe that I do a lot in my life, and it has shaped me as a person in a way.  A lot of times my curiosity about how things work and what causes certain events or happenings is what makes things stick in my mind.  In turn, when I really want to learn a concept, it is easier for me to understand it later or simply apply it.  Science and engineering are quite interesting for me, and I think that a sense of wonder about the topics is what makes it interesting.  In AP Chemistry we are working on thermo-chemistry, which is basically the same thing as thermodynamics, a topic we covered in engineering last year.  During engineering, this subject really appealed to me and when we did a research project on it, I spent a lot of time working on it because I really liked learning about it.  In chemistry today, we were going over concepts that I already understood because of my research last year.  So not only did I get to focus more on something I like, I also had a better understanding of it.  There have been a lot of topics that have come up in the engineering classes that really appeal to me and I take interest in thinking through the concepts and theories that they present.  In the grand scheme of things, the virtue of wonder is a huge part of who I am.  Maybe it is part of adolescence, but this concept is what shapes my personality.    


Through this experience, we have learned a lot.  One of the things that was learned is that it is easier to apply a virtue if one is already living their life with it.  In many instances, Z found that most of the virtues that we followed were actually things that he did on a regular basis.  One example of this is when he helped his friends on their lab for class.  He said that he would have done this anyway, but it was still a good display of his loyalty to his friends.  Some of the virtues that we did not even think were a part of our lives actually turned out to be quite evident in everyday situations.  Another thing that we have learned is that working with other people definitely motivates someone to finish what needs to be done.  When the project was first started, J was trying to rush through everything to make sure that all would be completed in time, this way her two partners would not be hindered by the deadlines in any way.  Also, working with people that one has not met before and that they will probably never meet seems to have been one of the best ideas of the project.  Since nobody knew anybody, theoretically, there were not any preconceived notions about how the project would go.  If we had all known each other, we would all have known how well the other people in the group worked.  This would have given us a bias about the outcome of the project.  For example, if two of us were terrible slackers and the remaining person knew that, then that one person would probably not work as hard seeing as how he would not have received a nice grade in the first place.  Also, if one of us did not like the other, than the person who did not like them would look at this project with dread and thus their efficiency would decline.  The main thing, however, is that if one would like to change their life by way of virtues, it would be more beneficial to that person to apply virtues one at a time, and just keep adding them.  Even if the way that we display the virtues is not extremely drastic or life changing, it can improve our lives and our relationships.  This is much like when J decided to help her mom instead of getting upset with her sister.  Not only did this prevent her from getting mad at her sister, it was also something nice to do.  With the application of these virtues, it is really easy to see little improvements in our everyday lives.  When Z did his homework in class when he had time, he prevented himself from having way too much to get done later in the weekend.  Also when J’s computer was not working and she borrowed her sisters, not only did she get her work done, her sister fixed the other computer.  There are not only personal gains through the application of these virtues, but there are also improvements in relationships which is really a gain for a lot of people.  It may not be a good idea to add a new one each day, but we think that if one focuses on one virtue until they are used to it and then add the next one, it will work out better for them in the long run.  Along with this, there is also no real need to do anything extravagant to work on the virtue for each particular day.  Sometimes the simplest actions can have huge impacts on how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us as well.  Overall we think that this was a great experience and it really put many things into perspective about how we can all improve our lives with a few simple changes in mentality and attitude about the actions of our everyday lives.